Top 17 Best Selfie Poses and Tips


Hello People! Welcome to Yognut again! We all know a good selfie is all we want. Nowadays, Being on-trend on social media or other platforms you need to look your best. We need to be stylish, trendy and with this, we also need one thing- “pose”. So, today on Yognut we will discuss the Top 17 Best Selfie Poses and tips for you to look you fabulous and outstanding in your selfie pictures.

A search approximation of #selfie is up to over 122 million photos. If you know the right pose it will make a huge difference to your photos. A good selfie pose can make your picture presentable and mind-blowing.

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Moreover, Sometimes it becomes difficult and flattering to hold their camera and take a picture. It mak took you a lot of time and gives not a satisfying result.

What is Selfie?

Best Selfie Camera Apps

Selfie is a type of digital photography where we take a selfie by self. It is taken by the front camera of your mobile phone. It is a self-portrait photograph taken by a digital camera or by your smartphone. You may use your hands or you may take the support of a selfie stick to capture your selfie pose.

Selfies are more in trend and it is often shared on social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook.

What is the Purpose of taking a Selfie?

Selfies are closely acquainted which represents a personal experience on social media to express the purpose of sharing. Selfie poses gives a level of photography which is self-conscious authenticity. It is different from candid photography which tends to be less perfection but focuses on the raw photo.

History of selfie

Who discovered selfie?

In the Era around 1839, Robert Cornelius was the person who discovered selfie. He explained selfie as “First light picture ever taken.” He was also the first human who has taken the selfie.

As time ticks, selfie becomes a popular and loving thing for today’s generation the reason behind this is only it does not take any effort or to be a perfect photo and anyone can take a selfie by themselves.

What makes selfies different from regular pictures?

A regular picture is a portrait or picture produces by an artist whereas selfie is a photograph that is oneself photography which may take by a smartphone, webcam.

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It’s not only about taking a selfie, a photograph tells captures your time, your emotion, and a part of your life. Taking a picture is a memorable thing for your lifetime. A photograph says many things, it implies you to get your memories back, your time back, and yes, of course, every photo has their own story.

Here, Today we discussed to share with you all Top 17 Best Selfie Poses and tips:-

#1. The Two-Handed Selfie

When you are taking selfie generally you have two options: Taking a selfie by one hand or Taking a selfie by two hands. While you are taking a selfie using both hands, you will notice it becomes easier to put one hand on the phone and another on the screen to capture.

The picture will look fantastic, outstanding and you can capture your body too in this selfie.

#2. The Selfie of Selfie

The selfie of selfie pose is one of the trending best poses of the selfie to take. In this pose, you have to pose yourself as you are taking a selfie and a person on another camera will take your picture of taking a selfie or other than this you can also set the timer to capture the picture.

It looks cool, cute and ya, it also takes your background with your best side of the face. It enhances your picture a lot more time than others.

#3. The Hidden Selfie

The Hidden selfie is one of the best selfie poses and tips nowadays. It is like you are giving a pose and someone will click your camera as you are taking a selfie. The other person will be hidden and the picture will look like you have taken the selfie.

It enhances your picture much time better as you can pose more frequently and cutely.

#4. Ditch the Face Selfie

Ditch the Face Selfie is trending right now. The selfie is considered as one of the best selfie poses, it is like you can take a selfie of a particular part of yours like showing you cool watch on hand capture that picture or it may be showing you cool shoes it says you are waiting for something.

It is such a cool and delightful picture.

#5. Show Yourself in Water Selfie

One of the most trending poses for a selfie is showing yours in Water selfie. It means you have to click a picture where you are in water and posing like a queen or king of water and floating on it.

Many celebrities have done this. It is more like having a sexy as well as cool click.

#6. Mirror Selfie

Mirror Selfie is trending selfie poses as well as the above poses are trending. In this Selfie, you can click your picture by clicking in front of a mirror with your back camera. and posing, cuter, sexier as you want.

It ‘s super cool and descent style of the selfie.

#7. Crop to Tight

Crop to tight is one of the selfies poses that looks so decent and delightful. It shows your not only the best part also your happiness, scars, and other emotions. It feels like the person is reaching out to the phone to take the selfie. it has usually distracted and a busy background.

You have to put the camera as much as nearer to your face to click this wonderful pose.

#8. Use Snapchat Filters

Use Snapchat Filters

Snapchat provides a huge range of different filters where you can add as per your requirements and enjoy clicking selfies. You can check out many filters on Snapchat which is a perfect selfie pose for you can select it.

Take selfies with the best selfie poses and enjoy Snapchat.

#9. Add your mobile phone in a Frame

Add your mobile phone in a Frame

Sometimes taking a selfie can be a story and that’s a fact. You can ask someone to click a selfie of yours or you can also take it by using a reflective object like mirrors.

In this selfie pose, you have to take a selfie where you and your mobile phone is in the photo. You have to show your mobile phone.

It’s one of the trending selfies poses nowadays.

#10. Fishy Lips Selfie

Fishy Lips Selfie

This type of selfie is now in trend everywhere. We have seen many Instagram celebrities as well as magazine pages who post a selfie. Fishy lips are nothing but you have to make your lips like a fish lip and click your selfie.

It is a trending and stylish look, you can go for open-mouth or toothy face expression for this selfie as your choice.

#11. Pout Selfie

Pout Selfie

Pouty lips are never going out of fashion or trend. It is the most popular selfie pose for a long time. The pout selfie requires you to make a pouty face or a kiss face to take the best selfie pose of yours.

It highlights your cheekbones and your lips. Pouty selfie is one of the best selfies poses for you.

#12. Selfie with Friends

Selfie with Friends

The most common and valuable selfie is with your friends. You can bring your friends to a party or any other occasion and then click a group selfie with them.

It will bring love and a memorable moment of your life also.

#13. The “I am Bored” Selfie

The “I am Bored” Selfie

The “I am Bored” Selfie can be taken when you are feeling bored or waiting for something. When you can’t skip your work but you have nothing to do then you can take this type of selfie pose.

Moreover, this type of selfie will let your time passes faster and also you will get good selfies. It’s also a trending selfie poses nowadays.

#14. Woke Up selfie

Woke Up selfie

Many influencers try this woke up selfie look. This selfie pose took when you woke up in the morning. It is a new trend where girls are taking this woke up selfie for their natural look or to show the no-makeup look.

This selfie is trending a lot nowadays many celebrities also posted the Woke Up selfie pose.

#15. Selfie with Your Pet

Selfie with Your Pet

Isn’t it cute? To take a selfie with your pet. Playing with your pet is enjoyable and you can take a lot of selfies with your cute pet.

They have unpredictable behavior that will melt anyone’s heart.

#16. Speak from your Eyes

Speak from your Eyes

We all know, eyes are the best expressive element of human beings. You can express yourself with your eyes. It enhances your selfie poses instantly. This selfie pose focuses on your speaking eyes.

You can play with your expressions to look cute, innocent, sexy or surprised whatever you want.

#17. Sunkissed Selfie

Sunkissed Selfie

This selfie poses have been introduced by many influencers and celebrities. The Sunkissed selfie shows the love of nature.

It is taken in the presence of glowing sun which seems adorable. This kind of selfie is my personal favorite.

Tips to click a selfie:

  • Experiment with Angles:- Try different angles to look best out of yourself. It helps you identify the best angle of your face or body.
  • Stand in Light:- Find out a place that has cool or warm lighting. It will help you to click a decent and HD clear photo.
  • Adjustment your shoulders on place:- Place your shoulders so boldly or cutely to make your picture on the place and make it decent.
  • Do Something Interesting:- To rule on social media, you have to do a different as well as an interesting thing to make yourself crazier and cool.
  • Pose with Something new:- you have to pose with something new like with glass, with handloom, etc. It will interact with people and make your picture so cool.
  • Use a Selfie Stick:- Using a selfie stick will emphasize your picture thousand times more. It helps you give height to the picture and to hold the phone.
  • Accessorize:- Accessorizing yourself with a good watch, bangle, bracelet, choker, sunglasses, etc will increase your picture quality and make you feel luxurious.
  • New Place:- Try to take selfies in new places it will increase memorable parts in your life.
  • Do not overdo:- be real, do not do many things at a time. Try to take those selfie poses as simple as it is.
  • Be in Trend:- Update your self by knowing which type of selfie pose is in trend. Take selfie which is in trend.
  • Be Communicative:- If you want to increase your followers then you have to communicate with your audience or followers. It will help to stick to your audience.
  • A good Caption:- Captions are the most important part by which you can tell or express your feeling with the selfie pose.
  • Be there on Social Media:- If one wants to take selfies and get popular then you have to post daily on your social media sites.
  • Memorable Selfies:- Take selfies that are memorable for you. It will remain you of your past. Take selfies with friends, families. It will give you a memory.
  • Express Yourself:- A pout! isn’ it best to express! Believe me, it looks so cool and cute.

A Selfie can make you old days back, Every photograph has their own story.


Hmmm!!! The conclusion is to try to follow these tips and tricks to make your selfie different from others. And, make yourself luxurious, cool and popular on social media.

Taking a selfie is a trending and a new fashion in this era. You can show your self on social networking as what you be in the selfie poses. Be trendy and follow the tips as well as selfie poses which I have described above. It will be fun.

That’s it! for today’s people. I hope you find it interesting and relatable. If you have any suggestions and any queries regarding this article comment me down below.

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