Top 15 Best Web Series on Hulu


Hello! Guys welcome back to Yognut! Today I’m gonna share the top 15 best web series on Hulu. The American-based streaming platform, Hulu, has been making a reputation for itself with its Originals ranging from psychological horror anthologies to real-life realities, Best Web Series on Hulu have something that makes us stay glued to the screen. Most viewers today expect to download ad-free content for those times once they can watch shows without internet connectivity, like when traveling or in places with low connectivity.

Thanks to the ad-free offline viewing option that Hulu has, that problem is solved. So sit back and enjoy watching the best web series on Hulu.

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Here is the list of top-class best web series on Hulu that you can binge-watch:

Best web series on Hulu

1. The Handmaid’s Tale

Based on 1985’s classic novel by Margaret Atwood, “The Handmaid’s Tale” is a story of life in an exceedingly dystopian society led by a fundamentalist government named Gilead, following a second American war. Environmental disasters and sexually transmitted diseases have plunged the birthrates, and few fertile women, called “Handmaids” are forced into childbearing slavery. The plot features June Osborne, renamed Offred (Elisabeth Moss), one among the Handmaids, who is forced into sexual slavery.

The series depicts the misery and torture of girls in an autocratic government. an outsized plot of the series revolves around June’s survival and fight to reunite together with her missing daughter and husband. this is one of the highest-rated Best Web Series on Hulu.

2. Harlots

 Inspired by “The Covent Garden Ladies”, Harlots is a British-American period web series which revolves around the life of a brothel owner in 1763’s England. The story focuses on two competing brothels ruled by Lydia Quigley (Lesley Manville) and Margaret Wells (Samantha Morton).

The story displays the struggle of Margaret to safeguard her two daughters’ future by fighting against a ruthless rival, Lydia. Margaret is set to enhance her life by moving her brothel to Soho to serve the wealthier clientele. A wonderful story that gives the insights of whats is to be a woman in the world where love is sold! 

3. Castle Rock

This psychological horror thriller is the first of its kind anthology bringing together mythological scale and intimate character storytelling of King’s best-loved works knitting an epic saga of darkness and light played out in a Castle Rock. Its a best pick for horror series seekers and the series takes the audience to the world of its own, where you have no choice than to get scared!

4. Catch-22

 A satirical comedy that talks about John Yossarian’s life under threat. He is a United States Army Air Forces bombardier in World War II, he is scared to death and tries to elope from his job but rather end up in the nose of B-25 dropping bombs on strangers who are trying to kill him.

This funny series also makes us think about the peaceful life we get to live and thank the ones on the borders who strive to live! An interesting pick from the Best Web Series on list of Best Web Series on Hulu!

5. Future Man

An underachieving janitor who is put forth to save the world. He and his champion friends travel through time to change the future. The journey is interestingly portrayed with deadpan jokes and mind-numbing stupidities of josh that results in a funny turn of events. A must watch and the originality of acting is just perfect by the cast! Season two of this is expected soon by April 2020.

6. The Act 

A mother-daughter feud, this crime thriller is one of favorite web series on Hulu, where the protagonist is made to believe she has cancer for years until she finds out she doesn’t suffer from any illness but her mother is the suffering from Munchhausen syndrome spoiling the major part of her life. Things get crazier and ugly when Gypsy Rose Blanchard, decides to get her mother killed! Definitely the kind of series that makes you see the whole season over one night. 

7. Into the Dark

This horror series produced for Hulu opens each episode with a different chapter scarier than the last. Its an anthology met with a positive response from critics upon its premiere. As the title of the series itself suggests, this drama engulfs you into the dark and making the viewers not all endings are happy, some are just spooky!

8. Four Weddings and One Funeral

 Maya, Craig, Ainsley, and Duffy are reunited celebrating a fabulous London wedding without knowing how their lives are gonna turn a leaf putting them in a turmoil of romance and heartbreak.  based on 1994 British film written by Richard Curtis, this series has found space in everyone’s heart where friendship, love and lust are spoken without any cover. One is for definite in this series there is going to be Four Weddings and One Funeral…

9. Looming Towers

The tragic event of 9/11 was a shock and what led to the unfortunate incident “rising threat of Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda in the late 1990s and the deadly rivalry between the FBI and CIA during that point may have inadvertently set the trail for it. Looming towers covers the story of members of the I-49 Squad in NY and Alec Station in Washington, D.C., also their counter-terrorism divisions as they travel the globe fighting for ownership of data while seemingly working toward an equivalent goal – trying to stop an imminent attack on U.S. soil. A series of knowledge, thrill, patriotism and terrorism.

10. Veronica Mars

Yet another mystery tale of unsolved murders and broken hearts, Veronica Mars is an inspiration for teenagers. A high school student and private investigator in fictional Southern California whose best friend is killed and dad’s job is lost and goes through all kind of misfortune but she is one strong hella woman who solves the riddles of life and never gives up so easily. Veronica mars is definitely a one to be mentioned in the list of best on Hulu.

11. High Fidelity

Romantic comedies are gold! This particular series is about Rob Gordon is a music-loving man with a poor understanding of women. He does fall in love, find women of his taste but has his one foot out of the door and never committed to her– and in doing so, he neglects his own future.

High Fidelity is about a band, a group of friends, their music, romance and trust in each other that sets everything right at the end. It’s a feel-good series that you can binge-watch on!

12. The Accident 

Even the stouthearted will shed tears watching this! A beautifully portrayed story that progresses into a morass of dehumanizing corporate nightmares and horrific tales of physical and emotional trauma one has to deal with. Will justice prevails? Everything misfortune follows this family. Explosion, betrayals and what not!!  A series that shows the dark side of life and emotional grip one must need to overcome pain. Incredible!

13. Your Attention Please

Celebrating black art and creativity, this is an interesting initiative by Hulu featuring Black artists from different fields and how they made their name in the world pushing boundaries in their field and blazing the trail for the new generation!  This documentary series is motivational and creative, hosted by none other than Craig Robinson with elements of humor keeping it lively and engaging to watch.

 14. Minding the Gap

It will warm your heart but possibly melt it too. It teaches what people are prepared to swallow when they’re thirsty for love. This extraordinary series about how adulthood changes a lot in life majorly the bonds of friendships. This series could make anyone feel totally personal and heartwarming and how realities of life break the teenage whims and fallacies.

 15. The Bravest Knight

A Hulu animated series that shows the journey of a young boy from a pumpkin farm to ruling a kingdom of his own. Though the series got major publicity as the lead character is in a same-sex relationship, the series is about more than just that! It plays with various emotions of human life making us laugh, cry, love, and live! The animations and graphics are apt and received positive reviews for the plot and narration.

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So what are waiting for? Spent quality time, watching your kind of favorite from Hulu originals. Mystery, crime, comedy, romance or a jukebox, or everything, whatever is your taste Hulu has set everything right! With that, we come to an end of the Top 15 Best Web Series on Hulu hope you all liked the picks for the list!