Top 10 Best Websites Learn to Code Free


Hello People! Welcome to Yognut! I hope you all are safe in this pandemic period. Today, On Yognut I am going to share with you all Top 10 Best Websites Learn to Code Free. It’s a very essential topic for those who want to learn code but can’t find a way to learn it.

Either a person is of technical background or non-technical background, if they are interested and want to learn to code but don’t know how to start and what to do? then this is the perfect place where you will be cleared about everything.

Coding is something that develops from practicing more or less like math, the much we practice the much it will become good. Moreover, some students find coding very difficult or some find it easy. But, believe me, it’s not difficult if you find the approach and the right way to code.

In this confusing world, some says do this to enhance your coding skill and this to be good in coding, sometimes it is mind diverting and it let us sit down and regret that coding is tough and I can’t do it.

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Today, I am here to tell you the Top 10 Best Websites Learn to Code Free which will not only help you learn to code but also develop your skill in coding.

Top 10 Best Websites Learn to Code Free

1. Coursera

Best Websites Learn to Code Free

On the first of the list of Top 10 Best Websites Learn to Code Free, It is a world-wide online learning platform founded by Stanford professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller in 2012.

It offers over 1,000 courses that come from 119 institutions. There are plenty of free courses available from the leading universities, like the University of Toronto, Stanford, and the University of Washington. And there are some advanced courses also which are free.

And the most important feature of the platform is all the different courses available are in different languages, like English, Spanish, and French, and can be subtitled in English, Spanish, or Chinese. There are courses available in business, data science, and computer science.

Every course available is taught by the world’s best educational institutions and is made up of video lectures, community discussion forums, and peer-reviewed assignments.

2. EDX

 Best Websites Learn to Code Free

EdX is a massive online course provider created by Harvard and MIT. It conducts online university-level courses, with few introductory level courses for free. It is one of the popular websites learn to code and comes 2nd on the list of Top 10 Best Websites Learn to Code Free.

It is open-source and founded in 2012. EdX was having more than 90 partners around the globe. And it provides more courses compared to any other website. It is available in many languages and it not only for programming but also for research and development.

3. TreeHouse

 Best Websites Learn to Code Free

Another Best Websites Learn to Code Free is TREEHOUSE, an online school that offers beginners to advanced level courses in web design, mobile app development, and game development by the team of expert teachers.

It is founded in 2011 by Alan Johnson, Ryan Carson, Gillian Carson. Their vision is clearly reflected in the website environment that they want students to learn and grow. Students can’t only learn to code from experts but also can practice by taking quizzes and code challenges.

According to us is the most important and intelligent way of learning new technology? This type of learning environment provides students to develop their skills and get ready for their future goals. Team Yognut recommends TREEHOUSE.

4. Code School

 Best Websites Learn to Code Free

This platform provides an interactive learning environment. The courses offered here are well organized into sub-parts. Anyone can explore the path and can choose the course according to their need.

One of the Best Websites Learns to Code Free here offers many courses and even coding challenges, where students can receive quick feedback from the team of experts.

And even students can earn batches at the end of their courses. The overall result is calculated by watched screen-casts and earned points and batches. And till now code school has taught more than 1M students over 250countries+.

5. Khan Academy

 Best Websites Learn to Code Free

Khan Academy is one of the best Websites Learn to Code Free offers more than 1,000 courses and they believe in learning while practicing. Students have the freedom to study at their own pace and practice as much as possible.

There are millions of students around the globe with their unique experience about Khan Academy. When the student is looking for any courses they can browse and sort them according to the student desire.

This website is for both beginners who want a perfect start and also for professionals who want to sharpen their skill, team Yognut highly recommend Khan Academy. It can help you a lot to learn code.

6. GitHub

 Best Websites Learn to Code Free

It is one of the most popular websites learn to code and enhance your skill at an advanced level. GitHub is not recommended for beginners but advanced coders. There are over 1,000 free e-book on programming which covers more than 92 different programming languages on Git repository.

GitHub is the best Websites Learn to Code Free and become a good developer. It also provides temporary hosting services for the users where they can even host their website or app. Since this does not provide the video lecture we recommend you using GitHub after learning the basics of programming and then start using GitHub.

7. FreeCodeCamp

 Best Websites Learn to Code Free

A non-profit organization that consists of interactive courses for learning web platforms, chat rooms, and even online publications. Founded in 2014 FreeCodeCamp has solved more than 30M coding challenges. And even donated $1.4M to their developers.

FreeCodeCamp comes on the 7th position of best Websites Learn to Code Free. It is the most important feature of this site is its chat-room, where students can receive real-time help from experts and can meet up with other coders from their cities.

It is free to start so team Yognut highly recommends all the beginners to have a look into the site at the starting phase so that they can choose their desired courses with all freedom.

8. UdaCity

 Best Websites Learn to Code Free

UdaCity is a for-profit educational organization founded by Sebastian Thrun, David Stevens, and Mike Sokolsky. According to Thrun, the origin of the name Udacity comes from the company’s desire to be “audacious for you, the student”.

UdaCity believes that education is a necessity for all humans, and seeks to motivate their students to excel in their educations, they provide affordable, accessible, highly effective, and engaging higher education to the entire world. It is the most helpful platform for beginners to websites Learn to Code Free.

The mentors, reviewers, and coaches ensure that those who are in the program will complete it and be ready for the job that they want. Students can learn the basis of Javascript for free, while the more intense courses and nano-degree programs do come at a price.

9. Udemy

 Best Websites Learn to Code Free

Udemy is a platform that is very popular nowadays and it is one of the best websites learn to code free for beginners to advanced. Udemy is founded in 2010, this is first of its kind. Udemy has earned 50M students so far, And 57K+ instructors. And all the courses available there are in 50+languages.

This platform provides students to set the price and wait for availability. Udemy even offers many free courses for the beginner level and few courses of advanced level like java. It provides a rating system in which student can rate their instructor from 1-5 stars. which helps others to choose the course more wisely.

This is so common in 2020, but in 2010 Udemy has introduced this method to deal with unwanted instructors and provide students with a better platform to learn and grow which is beneficial websites learn to code free and easily.

10. HackPledge()

 Best Websites Learn to Code Free

The last but no the least of the best websites learn to code free list, HackPledge() is a very defining and consistent website to learn code. It helps students to learn code technique and also practicing it.

It consists of a variety of programming languages where one can find out very easily and subsequent. They have a huge range of programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, and many more. On this website, they have learning sessions which are of at most 1 hour with top developers. They teach coding from scratch to advanced level.

They also have at least 6, 473+ signed up pledges daily willing to participate and it grows everyday. You will get a chance to learn code from professionals.

“Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.” ― Rick Cook, The Wizardry Compiled

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All the above listed Top 10 Best Websites Learn to Code Free is very useful for you. Either you are a beginner or advanced. All of them are the platforms which will help you to learn a lot and also enhances your skill, technique and approach.

That’s it! I hope this article is helpful for you to find a better place and learn code easily and in budget.

Thank You! Stay Safe, Stay Home and Stay Tuned. Please Visit Yognut for further stuffs related to fashion, travel, technology, food, etc.