Top 25 best work from home jobs


Hello readers, welcome back to Yognut. I hope you are all doing well. In these quarantine days, I have found some top 25 best work from home jobs that will help you to find your right work from home job that suits you. Finding a source of income is a must for every human being. We all need to work to feed ourselves and our family. But waking up before the sun, getting into formals and hassle through the traffic to reach an office may not entice everybody and that’s where ‘work at home’ jobs steals the spotlight. 

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What is work from home?

Work at home are jobs that you can do from home and yes in a professional yet in your own manner! As the world is moving forward digitally, there is a boom in work at home opportunities and it’s presumed to be more convenient and relaxing.

The benefits of working from home.

The benefits of work from home jobs can be numerous. Each of us has our favorite workspace where we think our ideas are sparked the best, our comfortable work wear, deal with only the required number of people putting you through less stress, happy jobs, well paying, can personally take care of your baby or elderly members of the family, find time for personal well-being and the list can go endless… Most people opt for work from home due to health and travel reasons. If you are looking for a Work from home job, here we bring a list of options especially for you.

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Work from home jobs v/s Work from office jobs

Work from home jobsWork from office jobs
Work when you feel like!Mentioned time (9 am to 5 pm) that can put you under pressure.
Perfect ambience to think better.Locked inside the cabin with your boss peeking in to check on your progress.
Stay healthy and eat what you want when you want while working!Should follow the organisation’s decorum.( drinks &eatable not allowed inside the cabin.)
Play your favourite music in the background while you work.Music???
Slay in your cosy pyjamas and work.Get ready with your tie, ironed shirt, polished shoes and neatly combed hair! – (yup! Every day) 
Spent time with your family and pet, Be there for them while working too.Try to reach home fast from the traffic block before your kids fall asleep

Work from home jobs are cool and interesting and if you plan to take it up, then make sure your skills match the job requirements. Often big entrepreneurs and business emporium hire candidates for work from home basis looking into their profile/Resume. So, create an interesting resume for yourself if your job asks for it!

Here is the list of top 25 best work from home jobs:

1. Animator

If you possess a creative mind and ability to work with software to create animations for television, movies, video games and other types of media then this job is for you! It is well paying and an artistic approach is very much required as you know, this field is very much in demand. With the rise in social media marketing creating brand-specific animations is a cool job to work from home.

2. Child Babysitter/Caregiver

Who doesn’t love kids? If you are a school or college going individual you can take up this job on a part-time basis where you can play and keep the kids entertained till their parents come back from their job. It’s an easy way to make some pocket money without depending on your parents. Babysitting is also a fun job for the elderly at home, who can relive their childhood and kill boredom and make money too!

3. Blogger

Love to write and have an opinion on the stuff happening in the world around you? Blogging is then for you. You can be a blogger who tells his/her own stories or you can work with agencies and create content-driven blog pages that draw in a lot of traffic and be a blogger star!

 4. Vlogger

You have a lot of things to say to this world, but writing it is no your style then you can be a vlogger. If you are brilliant in coming up with fresh ideas and interesting stories, makeup tutorials, life in a new place vlogging it and earning out of it is one fun kind of work from home option.

5. Graphic Designer

Talented with adobe photoshop, illustrator, aftereffects? Then jump in for this profession without any doubt cause it can pay you a fortune! I personally know people who are work at home graphic designers who link up with companies and create posters, visiting cards, logo and other brandings tools for them. You can peacefully stay home and rack your design brain and get the best possible outcome out of it as a designer.

6. Handmade Crafter

Handmade items are never out of style! Creating small jewellery, showpieces, art pieces and selling them online is great job option. It will keep you engaged and active, trust me you can never fail in doing what you love! This is more like an online business, so be smart and creative as well.

7. Online Tutor

Starting your own channel or getting connected with online teaching platforms can get you this job if you have the required qualification. A great option for pregnant mothers or anyone who loves to teach sitting inside your home. This is also a well-paid job that regards you with high respect. The demand for online tutors is rising as many students find it more convenient to rely on online teaching platforms than extra tuitions.

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8. Product Reviewer

Yup, that’s a real job! You can find product reviewers on various social media platforms and websites. Sometimes the brand pays them for reviewing their product if your reviews are able to get a large number of audience, or you self create a fan-base in youtube or Instagram reviewing products and create a living for yourself just staying at home!

9. Social Media Manager

Developing social media strategy, produce interesting content and manage the messages promptly in social media is a job. Its also called social media handling. Various brands and companies hire social media managers to keep up with the competition in the market and keep intact with their customer base served online.

10. Call Center Agent

Working as agents for companies that range from travel and hospitality to telecom, to roadside assistance, to retail and healthcare by responding to their consumer queries is a perfect work from home job for people who don’t get personal calls a lot and are patient enough to answer repeated questions which may seem silly too. Excellent communication and convincing skills are required to nail at this job and a good memory is an added plus!

11. Content Creating and Editing

Creating engaging content for companies, understanding their brand voice and tone, content for their websites, blogs, product descriptions, social media, etc..are what a content writer got to do. Editing the content can be an added job to a content writer but let me tell you there are separate editors who are given the job of editing and curating the given content. They work for magazine/publication houses and paid pretty well too. It’s an interesting work from home job options that you can pick up if you have a heart for great content and patience for reading and re-reading until everything seems just perfect!

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12. Baker/Chef

Passionate about baking and making mouthwatering dishes then why not start catering and selling them? As I mentioned before, you can never fail at something you are passionate about!

You can start by getting your neighbours as your customers and later word of mouth will definitely take you to a higher level and a little publicity through social media can only help.

13. Translator

If you are someone capable of speaking different languages, then why not use that talent to help others know what you know. Translators are often required to translate documents or audio files from one language into another language where you can freelance or work on a contract basis too. Fluency and communicating power are must need in this job. It is one job that gets you to see the world just sitting at home!

14. Event Planner

An exciting job to plan and organize weddings, birthday parties, and little functions that happen then and there. You may wonder how to plan an event from home, well your cell-phone is your bible here! You got to make a lot of calls and fill your diary with dates and money spent in an OCD type organized way and get the job done! Its like party home delivered.

15. Pet Groomer/Pet caretaker

If you love pets, you can take care of pets when their owners leave them for a job or any long vacations and you can take care of them. You can thus, earn as a pet caretaker. Pet groomer can be something you can add on to Pet caretaker or as a totally different profession where you beautify and clean the pet and get paid. This job is well paying as you know -people love and respect dogs more than fellow human beings more these days. That’s the irony of life!

16. Transcriber

Listening to audio files or recordings and typing out them as a document is what a Transcriptionist got to do. It is a pretty easy job but does require concentration and good listening skills and you can get paid for your hours of work.No major qualifications are used for this and its a pretty decent job that you can carry out in the home tranquility.

17. Remote Salesperson

Selling products to selling advertising space to dozens of clients is what remote salesperson got to do. Better knowledge about the product, good communicating skills and hold in the language is required and can work on a part-time basis too. Marketing the product to the fullest and a good performance can hike up your salary sale.

18. Virtual Travel Agent

This is an interesting work from job option which lets to plan a trip, sketch up itineraries, hotels to stay, mark minimum budget and so on. You could be working for big business tycoon scheduling their trips or link up with travel agents or a personal client who trusts in you. This is a cool job but yes, it can be a little tension generating if you don’t keep pace with your client’s needs and wants.

19. Web Developer

Know coding and enough knowledge of design basics then you can create websites for different organisations from scratch and get paid. This can be a part-time job for college students to make use of their free time, also a full-time job for professionals who find companies matching their skills to earn, create and learn more.

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20. Virtual Recruiter

With the world running digitally companies have started to hire their employees digitally and this made room for recruiters to be responsible for screening the applicant and be a part of the interviewing and negotiation system in the hiring process. High knowledge of various job requirements, skill identification and good intuition is needed in this job and yes, high-speed internet connectivity too!

21. Search Engine Evaluator

Someone who is an obsessive browser and features a passion for maintaining with trending content is a perfect fit for this job. All this job requires is to look at the web and provide your feedback online to the respective company so as to increase their traffic to that particular website. It’s decently paid and can be taken up by anyone who has an idea of what to do!

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22. Seamstress

Well if you know to sew then let people drop their clothes to be altered on your doorsteps and you can help them out. A creative mind with a dextrous mind to work hard can make a living out of this. Find people in your network and let them know that you are taking clients as a seamstress, then build an internet site to supply more info for potential clients. If you have potential candidates who can work for you, hire them and be work from the home boss!

23. You-Tuber/Tik-Tok star

Young and lively profession for souls that are daring and creative in this drastic world. You can build an empire for yourself you get the knack of getting it right and being famous. Developing a fan base for yourself with out of the box ideas and perfect imitation can get you the golden crown.

24. Repairer

If you have the necessary tools and pieces of equipment and got a knack for fixing things, like bicycles, cars or computers, then consider launching your own repair business. Let people know what you do, see them come to your doorsteps get things fixed.

25. Website Tester

Businesses want to be sure that their websites are intuitive and simple to navigate. As such, they’ll assign instructions for people to follow to examine their site. Each test usually takes around 15 minutes and in return, you’ll be paid. A sense of design aesthetics and UI/UX can help you earn more in this field.

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Don’t be broken-hearted if you hear people saying that jobs are really hard to find. Thanks to Internshala, indeed, glassdoor and other platforms that offer exactly what you are looking for. Build a good resume and find a n-number of work from home opportunities and if your work is good enough, then word of mouth itself will take you to higher goals. Believe in yourself and enjoy the freedom and liveliness in working from your homes!