10 Most Common Fitness Myths


Hello Readers! Welcome to Yognut again! In today’s world, everyone is busy with their stuff, and they forgot about their health and physical fitness. As being a gym freak, I want to suggest some tips about to be healthy and fit. I am a part of the fitness arena for the last six years, and I have faced some fitness myths, which makes me insecure about everything I do. So I want to clear those myths to you today through my personal experiences.

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I hope you all find it interesting, funny, and its all about awareness too. Today we are going to share about some myths which almost every gym trainer or gym freaks usually spread. So, Now, I’m going to serve some knowledge about Most 10 Common Fitness Myths that are not True.

10 Most Common Fitness Myths that are not True

1. Weight Training Stops Height Growth of teenagers.

Most Common Fitness Myths

Teenagers, especially in India, don’t go for weight training or “they are not allowed to take membership in the gym.” They mostly suggested up by their parents; thinking that weight training will stop their height. Weight gaining stops height growth is ultimately a common myth that needs to be busted here right now.

Well, no studies have ever been able to show that lifting weights inhibits or stops height growth. How tall a person will grow depends mostly on genetics.

On the contrary, many international bodybuilders started their workout at their preteens, but they are still above 6 Feet. As we all know that “Arnold Schwarzenegger.” and many more bodybuilders are there. The only way by which hamper his/her height if he/she started taking steroids. Other than that, there is no problem whatsoever!

So, the truth is that Weight training and other workouts don’t stop the height growth of teenagers. Weight Training enhances the height growth of Teenagers.

2. Removing fat from a specific part of our body through an intense workout 

Most Common Fitness Myths

Removing fat from a specific part of our body through an intense workout is totally a myth. The report of AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SPORTS MEDICINE that ” FAT cells distributed across your entire body. If you have to lose FAT from specific parts, then you need to lose overall body FAT.”

Although one can strengthen their body, he/she can not reduce the fat from a specific region of their body. I think this fitness myth has busted here.

So, the truth is that you can’t remove fat from a specific part of a body. An intense workout removes overall body fat.

3. If women do weight training then they will get bulky.

Most Common Fitness Myths

Well, this above ‘fitness myth’ need to be busted cause it puts a lot of strain on our women society. They don’t go for any physical activity only through this fear. The scientific reason is that-

Men achieve bulkiness in their body due to the presence of testosterone hormone. The Testosterone hormone is being already secreted in their body in a higher amount while women’s secretes this hormone in very few quantities. So, there are no circumstances to happen in women’s bodies.

While women have leading hormone estrogen, so some of the female bodybuilders having bulkiness in their bodies due to injecting testosterone hormones externally in the name of drugs and steroids.

Please note this fact that ‘testosterone’ is much needed for bodybuilding, and it is a significant source of bulking of a body. So, please be aware of this fitness myth and rise.

4. We can not lose weight without Gyming. 

Most Common Fitness Myths

Now coming across many people who have a myth that they will not able to lose weight because they swamped, and they have no time to go to the gym to work out or can’t able to to do the workout. If you are also one of them who is looking to lose weight but is very busy to exercise, then I have a piece of good news for you.

The way our body shapes depends 80% on what and how much we eat and 10% on how much we exercise. So if you want to lose weight, all you need to do is maintain a proper diet. Now when I say diet, I don’t mean that you should be having yourself. Eat anything without proper knowledge. Instead eat a diet that is well balanced with complex carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. The basic funda to lose weight is that calories consumed per day should be less than your maintenance.

For example, your maintenance calories come out to be 2000. So if you consumed 1800 calories come out to be 1800 calories daily, you are bound to lose weight. And vice versa going to happen if you take calories in different amounts (higher amount). i.e., you will become chubby fat.


You can also lose weight with other physical activities, playing outdoor sports like Football, Cricket, Hockey. You can see every sportsman, they are always fit and healthy.

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5. Intaking of supplements like whey protein may suffer from baldness or loss of hair especially in men 

Most Common Fitness Myths

Well, this is the most common myth which is needed to be busted here right now.
See the most realistic answer is that “Our hair needs proteins for their growth.”

Researches in Americans lab have found that “hair loss is only due up to lack of testosterone or due to excess of testosterone.” Lack of testosterone in a person’s body may occur due to their improper diet and due to some lousy self habits like excess masturbation.

While excess testosterone level only rose in a men’s body if they are injecting STEROIDS AND DRUGS in their god gifted natural body; so the hair fall problem may arise. So that’s why most international and national levels bodybuilders are bald, but that is all their job. They get payoff the payments for these.

So my friends, please don’t go for shortcuts. It could hamper up your future.

Another reason for hair loss is that it is due to the “Lack of DHT Level In your Hair.” So due to this, hair becomes dry and started hair loss. DHT level could be maintained balance through proper intaking meals that contain proteins, carbs, healthy fats, amino acids.
I think that this knowledge will burst this fitness myth.

6. Situps and Crunches is a major exercise for developing six-pack abs 

Most Common Fitness Myths

Only Situps and Crunches are not necessary exercises for developing six-pack abs. The fact is that situps and crunch muscle groups and most important and effective as it claims up by most gym trainers, gym freaks. So it is ultimately a myth. Well, I am aren’t saying you that “you don’t go for situps and crunches” instead of these two, please include the recommended below-mentioned workout.

There are many other workouts in spite of crunches and situps is you can for developing six-packs like by doing more and more cardio and exercising an abdominal muscle you can develop six-pack abs.

Most importantly, for developing a six-pack, you have to take care of your diet strictly because it means a lot for developing it. So never forget to diet which is going to follow strictly.
Once again, I have clear this myth that alone crunches and situps don’t give you abs if you are only dependent on them. Please include the recommended workout too, between these two.

7. Men develop a problem in becoming father due to high weightlifting in the gym 

Most Common Fitness Myths

Many peoples think that Men develop a problem in becoming a father due to high weightlifting in the gym. It’s totally wrong. Workouts doesn’t bad effect. Workout helps in making the muscle stronger, give a toned look to ur body and feel energetic.

The truth is that the intake of drugs like steroids in large amounts may suffer from these serious issues.

8. Your muscle turns into fats if you don’t do workout for a month or more 

Most Common Fitness Myths

Muscle didn’t turn into fat if you stop working out and it is the most common fitness myth that is not true. But the fact is that when you stop working out, then your body fat increases when you eat more than maintenance calories. As simple as that. No rocket science is there.

Vice versa is that you start losing muscles (atrophy) only when there is no stimulus, i.e., we need weight training to grow or maintain our muscles.

The truth is that an improper diet or unhealthy food will increase fats in your body. So it’s all about diet guys that how and which kind of diet you were intaking in your body. Nutrition plays a vital role in any factor as if there is “Bodybuilding” or “Weightloss.”

So be aware of your’s diet consumption. OKAY.

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9. If you aren’t feeling pain then you aren’t gaining muscles 

Most Common Fitness Myths

If you aren’t feeling pain then you aren’t gaining muscles is a myth. It is not necessary to have a large amount of pain to gain muscles.

Another misconception of pain is that “if you experience pain during exercise, then you have to continue your workout rather than taking it as a red flag of future severe upcoming injury. But actually on those cases what we have to that is take a rest for a moment. See rest is as much needed thing for a healthy body.

See you don’t have to experience pain that you reached your limits. When correct posture and technique become compromised due to fatigue, then it’s time to take rest. Like while doing Squats with an Olympic bar, and if your leg started shaking, then you reached your maximum limits.
I think this fitness myth has been cleared up to you.

10. You need steroid to build an aesthetic type physique 

Most Common Fitness Myths

It is the most highlighted fitness myth which is being nowadays flowing.

Yeah! That’s right. The steroid helps you in gaining muscles within a quick period. But, there are too many side effects of steroids like skin-related issues, blurred vision, acne, cataract, glaucoma, and many more diseases that get born in your body.

It is illegal. And, the reason is some athletes players like a cricketer and football players get caught up by the police redhanded and they sending them to jail or banning them for years and years. Their career gets ended up due to these shortcuts of success.

Yeah! that’s also true that international bodybuilders take steroids to make muscles and to compete in international events like “OLYMPIA.” But that’s is their job, and they get payoff money or rewarded.but they follow these injecting steroids under strict medical attention.

In ordinary life, you can’t follow up the same. Always remember “hard work, dedication, patience” pays of anything. Anything means anything you want to achieve. Most importantly, it gives you RESPECT. Please believe in this quote,” Great Things Take Time.”


Physical fitness is a very necessary part of out like. It also helps to improve your mental fitness, stress and make you feel energetic. So, while doing workouts. you must aware of these10 fitness myths and don’t stick in these fitness myths. These myths are sold by unknowledgeable peoples who don’t know anything and start rumoring these bullshits.

If you know some more fitness myths or you have some great experience of workout please share it through comments.