Coronavirus – Myths, Precaution, and Safety


Hello people! Welcome to Yognut again! As we all know Corona Virus attack has been covered about 170 countries now. COVID-19 is a viral disease that is gripping and increasing rapidly. Today we are on Yognut where we are going to discuss the Coronavirus – Myths, Precaution, and Safety.

The Novel Coronavirus considered a highly communicable disease where countries like China, Italy, Iran, India, the US, etc are suffered. The data says currently approx 5,436,954 people are affected and approx 344,550 people have died by COVID-19. Additionally, approx 2,273,232 recovered cases seen. It has created a panic environment in the world.

However, this Coronavirus – Myths and Precaution is not about fear-mongering but it will focus on awareness and solutions or precautions by which we can be safe.

This is the phase where we should be united but not by holding hands, by making distance and live separately. If we have to survive we have to fight for this by making people aware and safe. With the help of spreading correct knowledge to people, we are trying to make you all safe.

COVID-19: Myths and Precautions

Myth 1  Only Hand Sanitizers can help you to be safe

#Myth 1:- Only Hand Sanitizers can help you to be safe.

Using only sanitizers can not make you safe. Washing your hands frequently with soap, hand wash and water could be better to prevent you from COVID-19. Sanitizers can be used only when you are not at home.

Otherwise, you should wash your hand by using hand wash and water every 2-3 hours and if you are coming from outside make sure to wear masks and gloves. Wash your hands always when you are coming from outside.

#Myth 2:- Coronavirus can be spread through mosquitoes.

Myth 2 Coronavirus can be spread through mosquitoes.

Mosquito bites are not the reason for spreading Coronavirus in people. It is a human chain responsible for spreading Coronavirus. COVID-19 is a respiratory syndrome spreads through saliva droplets, discharge from nose and coughs, sneezing droplets of an infected person.

Give a change to your mind to avoid contact with any person right now. As we know, COVID-19 takes 2-14 days to display its characteristics. Avoid social gatherings.

#Myth 3:- Do not eat meat, fish, eggs, etc.

Myth 3 Do not eat meat, fish, eggs, etc.

When Novel Coronavirus spreads in Wuhan people thought it is spreading by animals and that’s kind of truth. They ate animals like snake, bats lead to spreading COVID-19.

Consuming meals that are properly cooked could be safe for you to eat. If the food is cooked properly then you can have it, no issue.

#Myth 4:- Alcohol and Chlorine can kill Coronavirus.

Myth 4 Alcohol and Chlorine can kill Coronavirus.

Alcohol and Chlorine have the power to disinfect anything but it does not kill Coronavirus. You can clean your hands, surfaces and any other things. It is useful for you but not to kill the virus but to clean your surroundings.

It helps to disinfect the areas.

#Myth 5:- Eating Garlic can kill Coronavirus.

Myth 5 Eating Garlic can kill Coronavirus.

Garlic has antimicrobial properties that may help you to build up your immunity power. Eating garlic can not kill COVID-19. It will build your immunity system stronger to reduce having Coronavirus.

#Myth 6:- Taking Hot water shower can prevent you from COVID-19 and kill the virus.

Myth 6 Taking Hot water shower can prevent you from COVID-19 and kill the virus.

When you take a hot water shower then the temperature of your body will remain up to a normal temperature at 97.7°-98.6°F. It will not affect anything in your body.

Taking a Hot shower can only reduce the chances of cold and cough due to winter weather. And, you should save yourself to make sure your body will not get cold and cough this season.

#Myth 7:- Hot temperature will kill the COVID-19.

Myth 7 Hot temperature will kill the COVID-19.

It is not like that, Researches says that the virus can survive up to 70° C. So, the hot temperature or in summer days COVID-19 will also survive. In summer days, the temperature maximum goes to 50° C.

What are the Best action steps we can take to be safe from Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a type of virus that is spreading all over the world right now. And, we are going through a drastic phase. We all are going quarantine and fighting from the virus in unity.

However, many of us do not know how to react and to be safe by the coronavirus. In this phase, we should support each other by not spreading it and sit in our house with our family.

Let’s discuss the Best action steps we can take to be safe from Coronavirus:-

1. Wash your Hands

Wash Your Hands

You should wash your hands to be safe from Coronavirus. We work by hands and our hand touches everything and as the Coronavirus is a communicable disease from humans to humans.

We should wash our hands by using sanitizer and hand washes before taking a meal or after coming from outside. Researches say we should wash our hands for 20 seconds.

2. Avoid Touching your face organs

Avoid Touching your face organs

As we know, the open area or the face organs like mouth, nose, eyes, and ears where the coronavirus can be transmitted easily.

Touching your face, again and again, may lead to having coronavirus as the virus is transmitting.

3. Follow Local Public Guidelines

Follow Local Public Guidelines

In this phase, one should have to avoid public places like schools, railways, automobiles, movie halls. In the mid of 2020, the government has been closed school, colleges, movie halls in many countries.

It’s obvious, not everybody can do work from home in that case you should have to take some preventive measures by your side.

4. Boost Your Immune System

Boost Your Immune System

The role of the immunity of a person is the main game to be safe and stop the devil Coronavirus. It’s a type of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome that will attack only on those people who have less immunity power.

To fight with COVID-19, increase your immunity system eat healthy food, a proper meal. You should also take the fruits or vegetables which have Vitamin C which tends to make you powerful.

5. Keep Calm and Cool Down

Keep Calm and Cool Down

As we know, the situation is going out of control and many people have died all over the world. In this phase, you have to keep your mental and physical health fit and fine.

So, keep calm and cool yourself and maintain dignity. Support to fight.

How really you can be sure that You are suffering from coronavirus?

Coronavirus can happen to anyone at any time. At this time, we should be aware of any uncommon thing happening.

Symptoms of COVID-19

Reports have mentioned illness due Coronavirus has some Symptoms, as follows:-

1. Fever:- The infected person would suffer from high fever.

2. Cough:- The infected person would suffer from a cough at the worst level.

3. Breath Shortness:- The infected person would not able to breathe properly. The lack of breath would be seen.

These symptoms appear in 2-14 days after getting infected. It is based on the incubation period of MERS-COV (a type of virus).

In the case, if you found that emergency warning signs of COVID-19 are developing then go for the medical attention immediately or in isolation.

Emergency Warning Symptoms:-

Emergency Warning Symptoms
  • Trouble in Breathing:- Trouble in taking a breath at an extreme level. You would unable to inhale and exhale.
  • Pain in the chest at an extreme level:- It attacks the lungs directly. You would feel extreme pain in chest.
  • Inability agitate:- You would feel so weak, extreme pain in the body and have a headache, high fever.
  • bluish face or lips:- Your face and lips seems to be bluish in color.

If you have been tested positive then what to do?

Positive report in COVID-19

If you find these above symptoms then it may lead to having a positive test that you are having coronavirus. But, at first, you have to make sure. If you have a positive test then relax and calm down.

It’s not that dangerous and you have to keep it in your mind. You need to follow these steps:-

  • Get a proper medical checkup:- If you felt like you have any viral symptoms then as soon as possible consult your nearby doctor.
  • Get isolated:- If the test is positive then get isolated by your surroundings. You have to maintain your dignity for others.
  • Be in the incubation period:- Go in the incubation period for the treatment.
  • Avoid public transportation:- In this condition, stay away from others and avoid going outside in public transport. It can be transmitted to people easily and you can in fact others.
  • Limit Your Contact with animals:- As we all know, it has been originated in China by animals. So, make sure to avoid contact with animals.
  • Wear Face Mask and Gloves:- If you have a positive report then the mask and gloves are the most important thing you have to do. It is so because masks and gloves will not affect others by you.
  • Cover your Sneeze and Cough:- If you are suffered then cover your sneeze and cough with the help of hankey. Avoid using hands.
  • Clean and Disinfect places:- Cleaning is the most important thing, COVID-19 has a life of 12 hours. We have to clean those places which are infected such as the floor, doorknob, etc.
  • Take Proper Medication:- As the doctor provides take the proper medication and take care of yourself.
  • Take Proper Diet:- Take a proper diet include the meals which tend to increase your immunity system.
  • Drink Hot Water:- Drinking Hot Water every few hours. It will help the virus to get reduced. The virus attacks on the lungs of a human body which causes this respiratory syndrome. Try to drink hot water which helps to kill the virus.

What are the Preventions from Coronavirus?

Precaution is better than cure. We have to be pre-planned and determine to stop this because it’s simple logic if it spread any of a person it will spread to others.

To prevent Coronavirus we should follow these WHO Guidelines:-

1. Know-How it is Spreading

Know-How it is Spreading

The COVID-19 is spreading by touch. It is a communicable disease which can be spread person to person. We have to understand this and follow the government and WHO guidelines.

The main cause of spreading is public places the places where there is a lot of crowds. Stay away from the crowd area and be self-quarantine.

Right now, we all know the case of Italy, they took it lightly and that was the reason they are facing many more problems. We have to make ourselves understandable and conscious.

2. Clean and Disinfect

Clean and Disinfect

It simply means clean your surroundings. The virus could be anywhere. Clean places that get infected so much such as doorknob, surface, remote, etc.

We have to maintain a discipline right now and being clean is the key to avoid COVID-19.

3. Wear Face Mask (If you are sick)

Wear Face Mask (If you are sick)

Wear a mask when you know you are not well. It will lead to doing not get infect others from you. If you have no mask then try to cover your nose and mouth area, it is a breathing disease so it will not affect the people around you.

If you are not sick then you do not need to wear a mask unless you are going to see your someone who is sick. There is being a shortage of face masks and should be saved for caregivers.

4. Wash Hands

Wash Hands

Washing your hands frequently can help you to get rid of the virus attack. Use sanitizers, hand wash, alcohol substance to prevent Coronavirus.

5. Stay at Home

Stay at Home

As the government said for the self-quarantine in every country where Coronavirus has been found. So, it’s an appeal to all of you to stay at home and be safe.

Additional Points

  • Aware People from Coronavirus:- In today’s time, there are many places where people even do not know what is Coronavirus and how to prevent it. We should help everyone to be aware of this thing. Yet, there is no medicine invented to reduce it. We should have to take care of ourselves and others. Spread this Coronavirus segment to everyone. Spread it to the villages and small areas where the internet, tv connection are not available.
  • Keep yourself and other safes:- We have to keep taking care of ourselves and other members also. We should make a unity by not holding our hands whereas being apart from each other. Make a distance from people up to 1 meter.
  • Follow the government guidelines:- It’s a request to follow government guidelines. they are saying whatever is for you and your family benefit. Please follow and lock yourself in a home for some days to live for years.


This article is about to aware, prevention and other facts about COVID-19 to all of you. Look, if you will keep yourself safe then your family will be safe. If you don’t care about yourself care about your family. we have to fight for it. Build up your immune system and be safe.

A request from Yognut, Please Follow Government Guidelines and keep yourself and surrounding properly clean and help each other in this drastic situation.

Hereby, we came to the end of the article. Thank you for visiting Yognut!

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Be Safe! Care yourself and your Family.