5 Main Reasons for Global Unemployment


Welcome to Yognut your’s favorite blogging site where we used to write according to people’s needs and choices. Our team is working continuously to post proper blogs which can help you to increase your awareness and knowledge. Today we are going to look at a serious problem in the world i.e Global Unemployment. Now this time the world economy is growing rapidly which is sound for a lot of countries but on the other side, a lot of peoples are suffered from Unemployment. If we looking around the proper meaning of Unemployment i.e defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as people who do not any job, have actively looked for work in the past four weeks, and are currently available for work. Also, who laid off temporarily and waiting to go back to their work.

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Now if we start to search the rate of Unemployment then you might be unhappy that according to a survey of the Bureau of Labour Statistics Unemployment ratio increases from 3.9 in 2018 to 4.0 in 2019. While in India it is a little bit more negative side i.e 7.02 to 7.60 from 2018 to 2019. But In India, the unemployment rate measures the number of people aged 15 and over actively looking for a job as a percentage of the labor force which is quite a different scenario from other countries. Now we are analyzing different reasons for Unemployment.

Here are different types of reasons for Global Unemployment:-

1. Frictional Unemployment

This type of Unemployment arises when people leave one job and he is looking for another job like between the job. It is a short type of unemployment. If we look at it with an economic viewpoint then this is the least problematic. If we look at a close view of it then we find Frictional unemployment is related or you can say result that the market process takes time and maybe information turns costly. After rapidly changing with the technology today any company can hardly depend on new tech for 10 years because it is enough to change the scenario and due to this reason searching for a new job, recruiting new workers, matching right workers with the right job takes time and effort to do, resulting in frictional unemployment.

2. Cyclical Unemployment

This type of Unemployment is the result of the variation in the number of unemployed workers over the course of economic upturns and downturns, like changes to oil prices. This unemployment mainly rises during declines periods and the collapse of economic growth. During the collapse of economic to preventing and alleviating cyclical unemployment is a major concern behind the study of economics. And it is the duty of the government to make various policy tools that employ on the downside of business cycles to balance the economy.

3. Structural Unemployment

This type of Unemployment occurs when the skill set of workers doesn’t meet the requirement of the demand for the jobs available or if due to geographical location workers unable to reach and work there. Structural unemployment generally comes when there are revolutionary changes that come in technology such that previous skills are out of date and need new skills. Such changes like automation of manufacturing or transportation by drones and automobiles. Now to keep continue with outdated skilled worker it is hard to run the company and to retrain those workers is difficult and time-consuming so they end up unemployed.

4. Institutional Unemployment

Institutional Unemployment is unemployment that arises due to involvement with free-market conditions rather than the voluntary decisions of those unemployed. It is the result of a long term or permanent institutional factors and inducement in the economy. This is also affected by government policies like high minimum wage floors, generous social benefits programs, and restricted occupational licensing laws; like labor market phenomena such as hiring is done by the discriminatory way with efficiency wages, and labor market such with as high rates of unionization can lead to institutional unemployment.

5. Demand Deficient Unemployment

This is also one of the biggest reasons for unemployment during economic decline. When there is less demand for the specific products in the market than their need to cut down its production and services, so the company needs to stop down that certain part. Due to this reason, workers are laid off.

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Causes of Global Unemployment

Basically Unemployment is not rising due to unbalanced on one side but on both sides like both demand of the market, or employer, and supply side, or the worker.

Like from the demand side, it may rise due to an increasing rate of interest, custom duty, global recession, and downfalls of the economic sector for certain reasons. From the supply side, frictional unemployment and structural play a crucial role.

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Effects of Global Unemployment

  • The impact of global unemployment can be felt by both the workers and the national economy and can create a ripple effect.
  • Due to unemployment, lots of workers facing financial difficulties and that leads to emotional destruction. When it happens, the consumer has to spend more, which creates an economic decline that is left unaddressed.
  • Unemployment results in a lower rate of purchasing rate, which, in turn, causes lowered profit for the business and leads to cut down the business budgets and needs of the workforce.

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Today Unemployment is a serious issue both social and economic level that results in a tremendous impact on everything but often is overlooked. If we want to build our nation as a superpower and developed nation then we both public sector and government should come together with sound policies that help to determine its cause and help to make it better.