Best 9 ways to enhance your personality


Hey guys, welcome back to yognut. Today, we are going to know the answer to the question- “How we can improve our personality?”. I know, at midnight, you might google sometime – how to improve personality, to attract the opposite gender towards you. I know it’s sound awkward, but I know what a teenager or young generation think off as my age is very close to most of the reader.

Personality plays a significant role in our daily life. Personality can be a divide into two major part, i.e., Good personality and lousy (bad) personality. Through a good personality, people can respect you more as compared to a horrible personality. There are lots of advantage to having a good personality, like your health, will be improved.

What is personality?

Best 9 ways to enhance your personality

If someone wants to me answer this answer in the simple language then, I would like to say “Personality is a manner in which how you sit, how you talk, how you run, and how you eat.” Personality depends person-to-person, as each person have their unique diet and unique care from their parents, which depends on their location, environment, and society. Personality word comes from a Latin word ‘persona’ which means ‘the mask.’ In ancient Greece, the actor was used to wear masks while playing their role, to hide their identities.

For an ordinary person, personality means physical appearance, height, complexion, dress sense, reputation, look, and other similar characteristics. But it is not right what people think about personality is.

How many types of personality?

Mainly personality can be classified on the two types: Based on physical appearance and mental state. The personality based on physical appearance is given by Willian Herbert Sheldon, whereas Carl Jung formulated the personality based on the mental state.

Personality based on physical attributes –

There are three types of personality based on physical appearance or physical appearance, i.e., Endomorph, Ectomorph, and Mesomorph.

  1. Endomorph: Those people who are social, fun-loving, relaxed, tolerant, even-tempered, cheerful, and love food come in the endomorph personality. The physical appearance of endomorph personality people has a narrow shoulder, wide hips, which make them pear-shaped. They also have lots of fat across their body.
  2. Ectomorph: Ectomorph type personality is quite different from endomorph. They have narrow hips and shoulder, thin, high forehead, small face, very little fat, and tight chest. They are private, intense, self-conscious, introvert, emotionally restrained, socially anxious, and thoughtful.
  3. Mesomorph: The word ‘Meso’ means between, and that’s why mesomorph type personality people have characteristic between an endomorph and an ectomorph personality. They have a broad shoulder, large head, narrow waist, stiff limbs, muscular body, and little body fat. They are assertive, competitive, adventurous, with a desire to dominate, bold, rise to power, and take the risk.

In which category do you fall, comment down in the comment box below as I want to know under which type do you fall.

Personality based on mental state –

There are three types of personality based on mental state, i.e., Extroverts, Introverts, and Ambiverts. I know you must have heard the name of at least introvert and extrovert.

  1. Extroverts: Self-confidence, realistic, very social, make friends quite easily, actors, political leader, etc. are the feature of extrovert people.
  2. Introverts: Too self-conscious, self-centered, reserved, shy, more interested in their thoughts and lover of solitude are some feature of introverts people. They can’t make friends easily and keep themselves in the background on a family occasion. Poets, artist, philosophers, and scientist belong to this class.
  3. Ambiverts: If any person doesn’t fall under the extroverts or introvert category, then he/she will fall under this category i,e. Ambiverts. It is the mixture of both the type in a balanced manner. Ambiverts are neither reserved nor outgoing to themselves. They can adjust themselves in any situation.

In which category do you fall, comment down in the comment box below as I want to know under which type do you fall.

Here are the best 9 great ways to enhance your personality.

1. Be a good listener.

If you a good listener, then people who stand around you will impress with you. Through good listening skill, you can remember all those sentences which went into your ear a year ago. If anyone says to you, “Oh ! My God, you still remember it”, then it is the sign that you have a fantastic listening skill. People with impress with you, especially those who have a poor listening skill.

After knowing the advantage of having excellent listening skill, you might be thinking about how we can improve our listening skill. You have to hear the voice properly and with full concentration. When you go to your bed at night, close the door, close the eyes and recalls all the moment which happen with you today.

2. Greet everybody with a cute smile

As we all know, how much the first impression is crucial for us in our daily life. If you greet everybody, whether he/she is your friend or foe, then a smile will automatically come up in his/her face. With a cute smile, you can create your first impression so good. Smile also play an essential role in the mood of the person, in front of which you are smiling. I want to appeal to all my reader that smile whenever you meet a new person.

I hope you must hear the famous slogan on smile, i.e.” smile! It cost you nothing. “A simple smile, That’s the start of opening of your heart and being compassionate to other people” – Dalai Lama.

3. Develop your communication skill

Best 9 ways to enhance your personality

To improve your communication skill, you have to learn a new word each day. If your communication is regular or same as the person who is in front of you, then he/she will not impress with you at all. To learn new words, you can read the newspaper, magazines, novel, books, article, etc. Once you have learned new words, then try to fit them in your daily conversation. Just repeat this process, and your conversation skill will develop day-by-day.

You should appreciate other opinions as to if you do this, then people can understand that you understand other people’s feeling. Never use the phone while talking with others. If you use the phone while speaking with someone, then the interest of another person will decrease exponentially. Only pick up your phone when it is urgent while talking to someone face-to-face.

4. Spend some time on your mental and physical health.

Best 9 ways to enhance your personality

Most of the people don’t care about their mental health, as they think they are mentally fit. They only care about their physical health, and for that, they join the gym. Mental health is also essential for people, with physical health. I would like to prefer to do ‘Yoga’ every morning. Through yoga, your mental health, as well as your physical health, will be fit.

If you think you are suffering from any mental problem, then please visit your nearest doctor or discuss it with your parents. Don’t feel shame to visit doctor clinic and tell them about your problem. Eat your food in a balanced way, i,e. Balanced diet. The food which you eat also play an essential role in your mental as well as physical health.

5. Have a positive attitude and outlook

Best 9 ways to enhance your personality

Nobody in the world wants to want to be around people who complain a lot, are negative, or have nothing positive to say? Look at all the great leaders you will find one common thread in them that is positive and optimistic. No matter how hard the time is, these great leaders always find out positive in every negative thing, and this makes them great, and this separates them from the common masses.

6. Embrace your imperfections.

As we all know, no one in this world is perfect. We all have flaws in ourselves. But we need to look up to these attributes which make us different and unique from the others. Be bold and brave enough to embrace your imperfections. Make your weak points into your strength.

7. Confident

Confidence is key to success and vice versa. I know you have heard this many times and have you ever tried to work on your confidence. If not, it’s high time that you need to work upon your faith — confidence and trust help to make an impact on others.

How to be Confident –

Eye Contact

While talking with a person, eye-contact is a must but make sure you don’t overdo it. Eye Contact develops trust and helps your relationship to get stronger.


Fake confidence, even if you are not. Think about a confident person how would he or she behave in a particular situation.

8. Work on self-esteem

Best 9 ways to enhance your personality

Self-esteem please a very crucial part in every individual life a person with low self-esteem tend to be unhappy and insecure. High self-esteem is essential for inner self. High self-esteem helps you to make decisions on your own.

There are several ways in which one can build high self-esteem.

• Take a piece of paper and write ten good things about yourself. Read that note every morning.

•Talk with yourself in the mirror, I know this may sound wired, but this works.

•Appreciate yourself for every big or small achievement.

9. Don’t Forget to Love Yourself

If you can’t love yourself, how will you love others? We need to accept ourselves, and we need to embrace all imperfections within us. We need to love ourselves; we need to be comfortable with our body; we need to love ourselves.

These are the following methods which you have to do to improve your personality. For more, stay connected with Yognut.