How To Remove Tan Instantly [5 Best Home Remedies]


Today I am going to share with you How To Remove Tan Instantly in 30 Minutes? [Best Home Remedies] So guys, all we know that the heat is increasing day-by-day due to many reasons like global warming, ozone layer and all. And the damage of ozone layer causes which causes harmful effects on our body like skin irritation, anxiety and many more. These days the skin tan or sunburn is a most common issue for all of us. We are all aware of skin tanning which means when you are in the contact of the sun the body parts which are not covered get discolored due to sunray.

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Ya, can you believe that??? You have to spend some time for your skin and get a glowing and tan free skin. Just follow these processes, the result will be shocking.

5 Best Home Remedies To Remove Tan instantly

1. The Turmeric and Bengal Gram Flour Pack

How To Remove Tan Instantly in 30 Minutes

Turmeric has a natural residence to the skin and helps in the reducing of pigmentation or tan. Bengal Gram Flour brings a natural exfoliator, remove the dead cells and give or promote the skin new ones.

Ingredients: Bengal Gram Flour, Turmeric Powder, Orange Peel, Rose Water.
Recipe: In a bowl, take two tablespoons of Bengal floor mix with a tablespoon of milk and a pinch of turmeric powder. Now, add a tablespoon of orange peel with cold rose water. Mix all well.
How to use: Apply the pack in a cleansed face for at least 20 minutes.
Repeat the same process in alternative days until you do
Not get the expected result.

2. Honey and Raw Milk Pack

How To Remove Tan Instantly in 30 Minutes

Milk powder moisturizes the skin and Honey has a great
anti-tanning agent.

Ingredients: Honey, Lemon, Almond oil.
Recipe: In a container add equal quantities of Honey, Lemon and
Almond oil. Now start adding milk or milk powder until it
Become thick enough.
How To Use: Apply the pack on your tan areas for 20-25 minutes.
And gently scrub 2-3 minutes, wash it off.

3. Potato Juice pack

How To Remove Tan Instantly in 30 Minutes

Potatoes are full of vitamins and minerals, protein fiber and have natural bleaching properties. They have a rich source of vitamin C which helps in removing blemishes and pigmentation.

Ingredients: Potato, Lemon Juice.
Recipe: Extract a full potato and take the potato juice. Now, add one tablespoon of lemon juice.
How To Use: Apply it on your affected areas gently. After 30 minutes wash it off. Apply regularly to remove tan instantly.

4. Tomato, Aloe-vera and Red Lentil Pack

How To Remove Tan Instantly in 30 Minutes

Red Lentil is widely known for the best tan removing element even it can remove the most stubborn suntan and one of the best tan removing remedy. Aloe vera extract consists of steroids which helps in to get rid of soothe burning and inflammation in the skin and also helps to reduce sun tan or sunburn. Tomatoes rejuvenate the skin and revitalize it.

Ingredients: Red Lentil, Aloe vera gel, Tomato.
Recipe: For 25 minutes soak a tablespoon of Red Lentil and then make a paste of it. Now mix Aloe vera gel and tomato pulp in the paste.
How To Use: Apply the paste in your tan areas and keep it for 20 minutes and then rinse off with water.

5. Aloe Vera Gel And Fuller’s Earth

How To Remove Tan Instantly in 30 Minutes

Fuller’s Earth has the cooling effect, and it soothes the skin burns and helps to reduce skin problems like irritation, acne, blemishes, rashes, etc. Aloe vera gel help in lightens in the skin and it is a natural cleanser.

Ingredients: Aloe vera gel, Fuller’s earth, Rosewater
Recipe: Mix Aloe vera gel with 2 tablespoons of Rose Water in Fuller’s Earth and Make a smooth base like paste.
How To Use: Apply the paste which you have been made on your skin where is tan and then keep it for 30 minutes. Wash off after the limited time. Use it on a regular basis.

Tan or SunBurn is a big problem for us. If you know other tips and tricks to get rid of tan, then comment us below.

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