10 Interesting Facts about Strange International Borders


So, you must be an inquisitive person, that’s why you opened this article to know the interesting facts about the strange international borders. There is a total of 195 countries in the world full of weird international borders.

We generally used Google Map to see the International borders of different countries. If the border of any country mention by red lines, then it’s means that country doesn’t have any border dispute with its neighbor. If the international border of that country doesn’t come up with the red line, then that clearly means that country has some international border controversy.

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Longest International Border

Where we can find the longest international border in the world? I know you guys must be thinking around Russia and China mainly in Asia because these 2 countries are colossal in area. But the answer of this conundrum lies in the continent of North America.

Remember: Mongolia is a landlocked country, lies between Russia and China.

The longest international border in the world is between the USA & Canada of 8,890 km. United States of America purchased Alaska from USSR (Now Russia) in 1867.

Second: Longest International Border: Kazakhstan-Russia Border

Third: Longest International Border: Argentina-Chile Border

Smallest International Border

I know speck of people doesn’t know the answer of this conundrum. Spain and Morocco share the smallest international border in the world. The smallest international border is also a very strange border.

Spain is in Europe and Morocco is in Africa then how can they share boundaries with each other? We all know that the Mediterranean Sea separates Africa and Europe. Well, some exclave of Spain lies in the kingdom of Morocco. The smallest exclave of Spain in the kingdom of Morocco is “Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera”. The length of the smallest International Border is just 80 meters or 0.0497 miles.

Smallest Border in the World

Country Inside Country: Country with only one Neighbor

Have you ever heard that a country inside a country in Africa Continent? Well, there is a country in Africa known as Lesotho which is completely inside South Africa.

Country Inside South Africa : Lesotho

There is also another case of country inside country in Europe continent. Vatican City (the smallest country in the world) is totally inside the Italy. To be more accurate we can say, Vatican City is inside the city of Rome, Capital of Italy.

United Kingdom share a boundary with Spain

Yes, my pal, you heard it’s right! I hope you heard about the Strait of Gibraltar which lies between the Alborán Sea and the North Atlantic Sea. Gibraltar is an overseas region of the United Kingdom in Spain.

The Interesting Fact about Strange International Borders
United Kingdom border with Spain

Big Diomede Island and Diomede Island

Diomede Island lies in Bering Straits and this strait lies between America and Russia. There are 2 islands of Diomede, one is big and another one is small. Big Diomede Island belongs to Russia, whereas small Diomede Island belongs to the USA. One more interesting fact about these 2 islands of Diomede is that the International Dateline passes from between them. Big Diomede Island is also known as Tomorrow Island and Small Diomede is also known as Yesterday Island.

Big and Little Diomedes Island

The island which changes its nationality: Pheasant Island

Bidasoa river act as a border between France and Spain. In the Bidasoa river, there is an island named Pheasant Island, which changes its nationality every 6 months. Shifting of ownership of Pheasant Island started in 1659, which means ownership of pheasant island has been changed more than 720 times.

Pheasant Island : France & Spain

Do you know there is also an exclave of Spain in the territory of France, named as Llivia? Llivia is only 1 mile or 1.6 km away from Mainland Spain.

There is a landlocked country between France and Spain! Do you know the name of that sovereign country? Andorra is a very infamous country in Europe continent, which lie between France and Spain. The situation of Andorra is just like Nepal which between India and China. Currency and Capital of Andorra is Euro and Andorra la Vella respectively.

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Tomb of Suleyman Shah: Turkey and Spain Border

Suleyman Shah is the grandfather of Osman 1 or Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. I hope you know that the modern-day Ottoman Empire is known as the Republic of Turkey. Suleyman Shah has buried in modern-day Syria but ownership is by Turkey.

Credit: dailymail.co.uk

When Syria was in civil war, then in 2015, Turkey launched a mission inside Syria named “Operation Shah Euphrates” to recover the remains of long-expired Suleyman Shah. The new burial site is also in Syria but closer to the Turkish border than the previous one. The distance between the Turkish border and Tomb Site is just 180m or 590feet. Now, both the original tomb site and the new tomb site are sovereign parts of Turkey’s Republic.

Stranger International borer in Cyprus Island

The Island of Cyprus is a mess of international borders. There are 4 territorial entities in it: the Republic of Cyprus, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the United Nations Buffer Zone, and the Military base of the United Kingdom. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is only recognized by Turkey himself.

Highest Border Passing: Khunjerab Pass

The Khunjerab Pass is the highest border passing in the world, which lies on Karakoram highway at 15,397 feet from sea level. Khunjerab pass is a pass-through Pakistan illegally occupied Kashmir to Xinjiang province of China.

The Interesting Fact about Strange International Borders

Moreover, the highest border point lies on the highest mountain on the earth i.e., Mount Everest. Mount Everest is in Nepal, but to be more specific it acts as a border between Nepal and China illegally occupied Tibet.

The Interesting Fact about Strange International Borders
Mount Everest : Border between Nepal & Tibet


There are many more unusual borders across the globe which I didn’t mention in this article. Above mentioned of weird border are the famous one, if you think I forget some other weird international borders, then don’t forget to mention in the comment box. I will edit this article and then add your comment with credit.

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