The Petrol Prices Can’t Be Raise Above ₹99.99/litre in India


Why Petrol Prices Can’t Be Raise Above ₹99.99/litre in India As we know fuel prices have been increased a lot in the past few weeks.And the rising point effect on the pocket of customers or common people. According to ANI, The price is ₹81.63/litre in New Delhi, and 89.01 in Mumbai marked on 15 September.

Do You Know? The Petrol Prices Can’t Be Raise Above ₹99.99/litre in India

The fuel prices increased by 0.35/ litre in New Delhi on September 15 while the price increased 0.34/ litre at Mumbai petrol stations. A rise in the global crude oil prices is being cited as the main reason behind the surge.

Whereas the consumers also make a joke that now this time the price might hit a century, but wait to guess what!! The has been already breached to ₹100/litre. The good news for those who use normal petrol. The premium petrol consumers marked as bearing high coast petrol of ₹ 100.33/litre on 8th September 2018.

Now when it happened the display machine shown the ₹ 0.33 after ₹100 showing. When Indiatimes spoke to a petrol pump owner, he said

“We have to manually update the fuel prices every day because they keep changing. The fuel dispenser can’t handle more than Rs 100 as of now.”

Petrol Prices

The Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited(HPCL) sold the 99 octane petrol and named as “Power 99”. The price of this premium petrol Price is ₹20 more than the normal price of petrol. Therefore, the display machine will show ₹99.99 maximum. And then the petrol pump services has stopped, and a special engineer had been called to re-calibrate the machine.

The petrol pump will be automated which means that their value can be changed only by a central server. Hence, they had been close to their petrol pumps for the necessary adjustments.

The “Power 99” by HPCL is considered as new generation fuel which can strengthen as the longevity of a vehicle’s engine, especially luxurious cars. The high-performance petrol will be sold throughout to Delhi, Mumbai. Bengaluru and Jalandhar.