12 Places in India Where Indians are Not Allowed


Hello Readers! Welcome to Yognut again! Another blog may interest you as it interests me. I was watching youtube and found this interesting topic about the top 12 places in India where Indians are not allowed.

India is a country where every person, caste, and religions welcomed. India is considered for its moral, ethical and legal code. India counted as the best countries ever for its tradition, culture, and minorities.

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Let’s start this article with a fact from The Passport Index firm, which published a report on its website ranking the passport of all the countries in the world on behalf of their power. Among all those countries Indian passport is ranked 59th in the globe. Indian passport holders can travel more than 50 countries on the globe without Visa few of them are Cambodia, Cook Islands, Jamaica, Iraq, Thailand, Nepal, and more.

This was the fact which may be known by most of you but does you know there are more than ten\twelve places are still present in India where Indians are not allowed.
Our Passport Index is increasing day by day, and many countries are allowing Indians without a visa in their countries to travel and work. But this is quite shameful that even in India there were few places where Indians are not allowed.

This is hard to believe for us, Indians. But ya it exists. There are someplace in India run by Indians but not for Indians, that is, only for foreigners.

Here are the top 12 places in India where Indians are not allowed:-

1. UNO – In Hotel in Bengaluru

12 Places in India Where Indian Not Allowed

UNO-In Hotel is a place shut by Bengaluru City Corporation in 2014 on the ground of racial discrimination. This place is not in operation now, and this will be glad for us. This hotel was established in 2012 with the tag or purpose to serve Japenese people only. Here, Indian origin field people complained about the discrimination of the hotel. It was an initiative of Nippon Infrastructure Company to serve an increasing amount of Japanese people in the city.

2. Foreigners Only Beach in Goa

12 Places in India Where Indian Not Allowed

We all know, Goa is a state best place to travel in India, and it is an amazing holiday destination as well as the best place to relax. However, you may get upset after knowing the fact that there are some beaches where Indians are not allowed.

It may because of many restaurant and beach owners want to save their foreigner beachwear-clad form curious and lusty stares of local Indian people.

Among them, Anjuna Beach is one of the beaches where you can hardly spot an Indian.
Moreover, This is not a legal restriction. The local people justify the racist behavior of the owners. The owner said that they are protecting foreigners from the lusty gaze of Indians for whom seeing women in a swimming costume is not a common sight.

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3. Foreigners Only Beach in Puducherry

12 Places in India Where Indian Not Allowed

Like Goa Foreigners Only in Puducherry story is similar. The owners claim that Indians are not allowed on the beaches just because of there lusty behavior and they can do unpleasant incidents with the foreigner guests. There are many restaurants, beaches, and shacks, which serves only foreigners and don’t welcome Indians. Those are reserved only for foreigners. The owners say the perennial lechers can make our foreigner guests uncomfortable and they will not enjoy there holiday.

4. Unknown Binding Lodge in Chennai

12 Places in India Where Indian Not Allowed

There are many bonding lodges in Chennai refers only for foreigners. They do not rent any room to Indians; they allow only foreigners to visit, take rent and enjoy there holiday. Indians are restricted there, and they say they can earn more by serving Foreigners rather than Indians.

5. Free Kasol Cafe in Kasol

12 Places in India Where Indian Not Allowed

Free Kasol Cafe come into existence recently. This Cafe is in a Kasol village of Himachal and Kullu is the district. This hotel is yet another place where Indians are not allowed. It was exclusive news when a managed decline giving menu card to an Indian person wherever the owner cheerfully greeted and served the people from Israel. Later on, the manager explained that he was in a bad mood. But, that’s not true because many of times Indians disrespected and there were various incidents where Indians are denied to serve.

6. Malana Village in Himachal Pradesh

12 Places in India Where Indian Not Allowed

Malana is one of the ancient Indian villages established by Alexander the Great in 326 BC. Some wounded soldiers who stayed back at that time considered as ancestors by the people of Malana. There was no one allowed in the village, known as “Touch me not.” Even the boundaries restricted for everyone. The language of this village is Kansi that can not be understood by outsiders. They do not allow outsiders to enter the temple and their place because, for them, outsiders are untouchables.
Moreover, a dam project for Malana named as “Malana Hydropower Station” resulted in the integration of the village from the rest of the world. The project is the only source of revenue receipt for Malana.

12 Places in India Where Indian Not Allowed

7. Norbulinka Cafe in Dharamshala

12 Places in India Where Indian Not Allowed

The beautiful Norbulinka Cafe provides a scenic view of gardens, buildings, monasteries, and gates.
The cafe is well-maintained with the right ambiance and atmosphere.
Despite being so beautiful, this cafe is another example of racism towards Indians. The cafe denies the entry of Indians.

8. North Sentinel Island in Andaman

12 Places in India Where Indian Not Allowed

The Sentinel Island in Andaman alienated from the main Island. The reason behind Sentineles tribes, who live in the Island, do not permit tourist or fisherman to enter into the Island.
Sentinel Island is a part of Andaman, but tourists are not allowed to visit there because of indigenous tribes.

9. Sakura Ryokan Restaurant in Ahmedabad

12 Places in India Where Indian Not Allowed

Sakura Ryokan is a Japanese restaurant in Ahemdabad, do not allow Indians in their restaurant.
Sakura Ryokan is among those places in India where Indians are not allowed. They serve the Japenese people only.
Moreover, the owner of the restaurant says about the discrimination that they justify the waitress feel insecure and found constant ogling by Indian Guests. So, the owner implemented this rule.

10. Russian Colony in Tamil Nadu

According to the claims and reports, The resident complex near Kundankulam Nuclear Power Project happening in Kundankulam, Tamil Nadu has a Russian Colony.
As the name of the Colony is Russian Colony, they permit only Russian citizens working on the power project. They do not allow Indians to live or stay there.
The Colony is self-sustaining with hotels, clubs, houses and other such things.

11. Some Islands in Lakshadeep

The Lakshadeep Islands are alike for Indians as well as Foreigners. The Indians and Foreigners both have to get permission to enter in some Islands of Lakshadeep.
However, some Islands in Lakshadweep are only for foreigners to visit. Some of them are Aggati, Kadmat, and Bagram.
Additionally, Indians permitted for Islands like Minicoy and Amini.

12. Red Lollipop Hostel in Chennai

12 Places in India Where Indian Not Allowed

Red Lollipop Hostel is an International Standard Hotel in Chennai that does not entertain Indian Travellers. This place is in the heart of the city, and it reserved for expats and only passport holding person can enter.
They claim themselves as one of the unique hotels in Chennai who serves only the first time visitor of India.
The hotel has “No Indian” policy, Indian holding foreign passport might be allowed in the hotel. The given pseudonym of Highlands and to serve customer having foreigner passport.

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There are some of the infamous places in India where Indians are not allowed despite legal code. Most of such sites justify restrictions on various reasons.
Besides these, the places like Saser La, Dapsang and China occupied Arunachal where Indians strictly banned from entering.