5 Steps How to Find True Love


Hello people! Welcome to Yognut! Today, we are going to discuss 5 Steps How to Find True Love. As we know, Love plays a vital role in our life and love can happen to anybody, whatever we see around us is full of love and emotions. For example- if we see nature, we may say that God made it full of love and creation.

Love has many types like the love for our parents, love for your priority based things, for your siblings, relative, and soulmate. We play different roles in a whole lifetime and also by this we have different feelings for different people.

What is Love?

what is love

Most of the people got confused between two factors which are Love and Expectations. For us, there is a minor difference between Love and Expectation:- Love is unconditional and has no demands whereas Expectations carry a lot of expectations from a particular person.

Although, some people expect much and that tends to get hurt by anybody and we think love hurts. In Geeta, Lord Krishna said, ” Love is pure and divine.”

Despite like movies where when love happens then it seems to blow air in heart violins are played, it’s not like that. Love happens when somebody completes you when someone loves you as you are.

In the language of Psychology, Love is a chemical or neuron-chemicals named Dopamine and Oxytocin in our brain leads to having a different feeling for someone.

Here, we are talking about our life partner or our soulmate. So, firstly we need to know about True Love.

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What is True Love?

what is true love

According to Bhagavad Geeta, “Love yourself then Love Everyone and Love is Ultimate.” It means If you want to love any person then you have to love yourself first. Be generous and be conscious about yourself and that is called self-love.

Self- Love means you have to respect yourself first you have to love yourself first and then you are able to love every person around you. Give your importance to yourself because if you are not here then what will have the relations to you.

Now, come to the point that What is True Love? It’s simple, where you find yourself productive, better, improved, calmed, happy, and completed.

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How to Find Your True Love?

In the era of being prevailed of making girlfriend or boyfriend and we all thing it’s a trend. Being in a bad relationship or with the person who is not for you is kind of depressing, assaulted and toxic. It completely breaks you down and you could fell in stress, anxiety and depression for long time.

Love is not bad the person can be. Being in love is not bad it’s just about expectations. If you love someone do not expect anything from them because it creates insecurities and other issues.

Instead of this, in my opinion, wait for the right person to come in your life. Take your time to improve yourself and when it happens it will happen suddenly.

“5 Stairs of Love”- Lord Krishna

According to Lord Krishna (the god of compassion, love and tenderness), Love is undefined and beyond anything in this world. This world is made up of love and prosperity.

Lord Krishna says,”There are 5 stairs of love” and we will discuss all of them one by one.

1. To See

to see

The first stair of Love is to see the the right person for you. As I mentioned earlier, you have to wait for it. You should take rest and wait for the right time and right person to come.

When you find the right person you will get know he/she is the one whom I was waiting for. You need relax and focus on your other life priorities like family and career.

And, If you have find that person then hold on spend some time get to know each other then decide that he/she is the suitable person or not.

2. Good Ascendant

Good Ascendant

After that, you have to find out the person is a good person for you or not. It is on you because you know him/her well. You do not need to judge him/her. You need to know he/she deserves you time, your love, your everything or not.

Do not go for similarities, likes/dislikes in any person. Try to understand, feel and know him/her. It will make you more sure about your decision.

3. To Love

to love

If you have decided that this is that person you were looking for then go for it. Now, love the person at your most with purity and lovably. Make sure that if you are going to be serious about your love then the person whom you love also like you.

Sometime whatever we think it does not happen talk about your problems, happiness, sadness, comfort ability, know each other as well as no one can thought of.

4. To Earn

to earn

Here, the stair of love comes where you earn your love. this stage is where you find true love of your love life. Now, spend time, earn him/her at any cost. Build up together, build trust to each other, develop your lifestyle. Get your love and be happy always.

5. To Uphold

to uphold

The last stair of love, To Uphold, it is the most toughest part of a relationship, according to lord Krishna. These above four stages are so simple but to uphold with someone forever is to hard.

Make it work always and have a clear conversation about everything. This will build your relationship and you will feel the most luckiest and happiest person in this world.

Stairs of love use to build up your relationship but steps to find true will help you to find the right person for you. And, today’s topic is about 5 Steps How to Find True Love.

5 Steps How to Find True Love:-

5 steps How to find true love

5 Steps How to Find True Love is very important for both boys and girls. Many girls and boys think that you can build up your ‘relationship’ or ‘career’. I am not relationship expert but if your are worried to choose between ‘relationship’ and ‘career’ then you are on the right place.

Finding your soulmate makes you better, improved, productive at your career not worse. It doesn’t matter either you are single, married or in a complicated relationship, you will get know with How to Find True Love.

Let’s break ‘Relationship’ and ‘Career’ myth, begin with 5 Steps How to Find True Love:-

#1. Find Yourself

Find Yourself

At first, you need to work with yourself. There is a huge chance that whatever you like your partner like that too like he/she conscious about his fitness like you, it might be working for company or loving pets, loving music, having some interest is common to help you to Find true love/soulmate.

Although, having uncommon interest is important too. For example, you like to watch movies, series, etc but your partner does not like these all. Here, you can explore more, get to know more and most it may be adventurous for you. More often, its like your strength and weakness compliment each other.

Find yourself means work and secure with yourself. Being secured and working with yourself has two profits:- you will find true love and you are good to that partner.

#2. Never Justify Bad Behaviour

never justify bad bahaviour

We have watched many movies where there is misbehavior of people that can result in bad impact in your life. If someone slaps you, make a joke of you in front of their friend or something like this and you end up saying “But, he/she loves me.”

A good and healthy relationship build-up by Respecting each other. If you are doing all works like for girls generally the household things and he is lying here there all the time or if she talks to her friends about you and bitching all the time then it seems also a disrespect or lack of respect for you.

Relationship works on respect, trust, loyalty and appreciation, they are the foundation of a relation. So, if your partner is hurting you mentally, physically or emotionally then talk about it. And, if it’s not working out then respect yourself to do something about this.

Do not judge or justify any bad behavior like Bollywood has normalized nowadays.

#3. Observe Him/Her

observe him her

Now, observe him/her in the public places. Look how they behave to you or with other people when they in a public place. Remember that, if he/she does not respect anyone then he/she can not respect anyone else.

Behavior of a person matters a lot. You have to observe the social behavior in them like people online, people in service industry. In the beginning, they might be there best for the dating things. But, as you go forward then you have to deal with their worst.

Observe them in social or publicly them help you to find the worst in them and it may be good to find true love.

We know, what are you thinking about. The thought “If you can not love me at my worst then you do not deserve me at my best?”

That’s true, but, if the worst of a person is contempt, violence and hate then they need to become a human first and need to work on themselves. And, that responsibility can not be taken to anyone. They have to deal with it themself.

#4. Talk About Life Expectations

Tal about life expectations

At this step of How to Find True Love would be understand by giving an example. So, Let’s take an example, Look, if you go for a job interview then the interviewer asks you a question about Where do you see yourself after five years? and, they wanted an answer according to their company enhancement.

Relationships are like that, you have to have a clear view of what will happen after five years, where do you see your relationship after five years? Now, What’s your age? let me consider it 20 or 30, So, you have already imagined your throughout life that what kind of life you want, according to yourself and helping out How to find true love.

Probably, starting a new life with a new person could be difficult for any body. hereby, you have to fix it and talk about your life expectations and life goals to partner. Make a clear justification.

The point is always communicate about your life goals, career goals, family goals with your partner. Moreover, as the person is “the one” so, he/she should be enthusiastic about your goals and support your goals accordingly.

#5. Take care of Yourself

take care of yourself

The last and valuable thing is to take care of yourself. Now, for those people who always say, so-called “Money can’t buy anything.” Do not listen to these people. Money is the most important factor in our life you can read our financial marketing article to make, earn, and save money.

According to the Mas low’s human need pyramid which is consist of five stages:- Physiological needs, safety needs, love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization.

The first need is food, shelter, for that we need money. So, keep that sentence, and work on yourself and earn, get money for your self-dependency. Make yourself better day by day.

Love is unconditional and selfless. Love has no expectations, no demands.

Additional Point

In early 80’s or 90’s, they god give a sign when the love of my life will come. But, it’s 2020, we need a life partner for companionship, to travel or to start a family. But, at worst we think, we need a partner to find happiness.

If you are finding a partner to be happy then you should also make him/her happy, in fact, all the time. And, this is what we expect to our partner.

Moreover, To love someone you need to love yourself first and become the best person for your partner.


The above article about 5 steps How to Find True Love may help you to find your better half. And, I hope this is helpful for you.

My advice is, do not hookup with anyone, someone is for you wait for it. And. make yourself better to fall in love with your partner.

I hope you find it interesting and helpful for you.

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