Top 10 Best ways to take care of your Curly Hair


Hello Guys! Welcome to Yogurt again. Today we’ll share the top 10 ways to take of your curly hair. Curly hairs look beautiful but it is very hard to manage and tackle, and you need to give special care and attention to your curls to keep them intact and good, because curly hairs are more likely to get dry, so you need to take some extra precautions towards it.

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Here are some top 10 hair care tips for people with curly hairs, and these tips are given by professional hair specialists, so, dive into it.

The top 10 Best ways to take care of your Curly Hair are:-

1. Use mild shampoos:

Shampoos are the most important part of hair care procedures where your hairs rejuvenate itself with a good hair wash. Be very careful while choosing a shampoo for your hair. Especially for curly hairs, they are more prone to get dry and frizzy if not taken care of certain things while shampooing your hair.

  • Make sure when you choose a shampoo it is mild, free from toxic chemicals like paraben and sulfates, and is particularly formulated for your hair texture.
  • Don’t go rough on your hair while washing your hair, this will make your hair devoid of moisture, broaden your hair cuticles, and will absorb your scalp’s natural oil.
  • This way you can save your hairs from going frizzy and I know how irritating frizzy hairs can be! But worry not, many vogue styles are also centering around frizzy hairs, you can always try them out!

2. Separate your hairs into two sections while shampooing:

It is time to get rid of the tedious process of swirling and piling your hairs at the top of your head while shampooing and after the wash, whining over putting a lot of effort behind detangling your hair.

Before pouring water into your hair, divide your hair into two sections, clip away one section and start with the conditioning and shampooing of the other part, message your scalp deeply and apply shampoo thoroughly to the length of your hair.

After you are done, rinse it off and then do the same with the other part. It might take a little longer time but it will save your time while combing your hairs.

3. Prefer using cold water while washing your hair:

If you thought that just because in salons your hairs are placed under a steamer, it is feasible to use hot and warm water while washing your hairs, then you are wrong! Many hair specialists advise using cold water while washing hair because it closes the cuticles and traps the moisture within, giving your hair a shinier glow and making the frizz manageable.

What can be better than having shine your in coiled hairs?

4. Choose a conditioner according to your hair texture

For many people who have curly hairs, their hair-texture is oily and the majority of people have a dry texture.

If your hairs are dry then choose a conditioner that contains oil-restore formula in it, and if your hairs are fragile and weak, use a shampoo with protein and keratin restoration formula.

Use your conditioner in the same way by sectioning your hair as you were advised to do while shampooing, but in this case, apply your conditioner mainly along the length of your hairs.

For best results, leave your conditioner for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

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5. Use a wide-tooth comb to avoid breakage:

The last thing you want is to mess your hair up and throw your hair bush away in frustration when it gets stuck inside your hair. To avoid this, use a wide-tooth had hairbrush, preferably wooden, it will help you detangle your hairs in a much easier way and will run through your hairs without causing you much trouble or without making you want to yank your hair.

For best results, massage your scalp with your hairbrush, run it along your scalp to the length of your hair, this will increase blood circulation and will contribute to hair growth.

6. Oil your hair consistently:

Oil nourishes your hair follicles and provides your hair a deep moisturization, making it softer, manageable, and shinier.

The best oil which helps you take care of your curly hairs are coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil. It helps in hair growth and provides intense nourishment to your hair.

7. Keep trimming your hairs to get rid of split ends:

Split ends make your hair rough and prickly, it damages your hair completely. So, the best way to avoid split ends is to get rid of them.

Keep trimming your hair every 8-10 weeks, to cut off all the split ends and it is also necessary to maintain the shape of your hair.

8. avoid heat on hair:

I know straight hair feels alluring to you and you want to turn your curly hairs into silky smooth pointed straight hairs, that is why you are tempted to use heat products on your hair to experiment with your hairstyle.

But when you are applying heat on your hair to flatten it, you are burning your hair and taking away all the natural moisture from your hair.

So, if you use it too often, your hair will become pale and thin, also you will start losing hair soon.

So, use heat-stylers as little as possible, and even if you are using make sure you are taking precautions and taking care of your hairs afterward.

9. Avoid touching your curls:

One of the best tips to take care of your curls and maintain your curls is to avoid touching them and playing with them after combing or styling your hair.

It will destroy the style of your hairs and the curls.

Also, you have natural moisture and oil in your hands, it may settle in your hair and make your hair look sticky and greasy, messing up the volume of your hair.

10. Plait your hairs every night:

When you go to bed without tying your hairs, your hairs are more prone to form a knot and get tangled badly, and in the morning you will probably feel like tearing your hairs apart.

To avoid this, braid your hairs every night before going to bed this will help you keep your hairs healthy and detangled, it also helps a great deal in keeping your curly hairs intact and beautiful.

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Curly hairs are really in vogue and to maintain it use all these tips. Take care of your hair regularly to keep your curls intact and frizz-free. I hope you like these top 10 best ways to take care of your Curly Hair. Remember these tips and have healthy and good hair. If you have any tips, please share them in the comment section.

Guest Post by Ushnita Mukherjee