Top 11 Emerging Augmented Reality Companies in India


Hello guys! Welcome back to Yognut! There are numerous augmented reality companies in India. We present to folks a whole new viewpoint and perspective to the actual world by interacting with the actual world via enriched and expanded technological breakthroughs. Apart from its older brother, Virtual reality, the user is not confined to a synthetic environment that mimics or copies the real world and prevents vivid and direct engagement. Augmented reality can flawlessly combine the details of our daily situation for the better. Let us take an early glance at a few of them now. 

What is Augmented Reality?

Top 11 Augmented Reality Companies in India

Augmented reality is a real-time picture of the physical environment that is improved or augmented by digital information that occludes the physical surroundings in the most basic form. Augmented reality industries in India are booming. For decades, it has been the highest concern in the scientific community due to its nearly endless characteristics and uses in today’s communities. Every new type of technology that has been introduced to us has only one purpose to make our world easier and more convenient.

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Here are the list of top 11 Augmented Reality companies in India are

1. Lenskart

Augmented Reality industries in India

In 2010, the company was established. Lenskart is an emerging eyewear marketing business at present. It was founded by an ex-Microsoft ‘techie’ with little money but tones of persistent enthusiasm to make a change in the world. Lenskart has revolutionised the eyewear company in India with a rapidly growing business today that reached over 1 lakh customers per month through a rare blend of a powerful online business, beautifully crafted physical stores, and a new home eye checkup platform.

Without a doubt, it is the most trending online lens shopping site, and a large part of their success can be attributed to their “virtual trial room”, where users may try on glasses before buying them. They have left their competitors in the dust by incorporating augmented reality into their business plans.

2. Imaginate

Augmented Reality industries in India

Imaginate was found ten years back in Hyderabad by Hemanth Satyanarayanan, an IIT Madras graduate. In the short period ever since its founding, it has grown into the world-renowned augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality innovation organization industry. The industry relies on technological advancements to their specific requirements. Its goal is to improve the consumer’s perception of reality by developing cutting edge visualisation products and services. Their key areas of specialisation are retail, leisure, defence and medical care.

3. AugRay

Augmented Reality industries in India

AugRay is an AR established in the US that intends to give an effective solution to its client base in the commerce, gaming, real estate and marketing industries. An augmented reality application called TaDa time allows you to build custom avatars and integrate them into your real-world environment, creating expression more enjoyable and active. Another notable invention of theirs is the NUBE (AR Cube) which offers users a lucrative and enjoyable gameplay experience.

4. iBoson Innovations

Augmented Reality industries in India

iBoson Innovations Pvt Ltd is one of India’s leading AR firms. iBoson Innovations is among the few companies in India that can boldly claim to have its augmented reality products, UniteAR and XRmeet, as listed in a respected Irish magazine as one of the world’s 100 visionary businesses. These goods were also favourably received when they were showcased at the Dublin Tech Summit’s Le Futura.

This developing start-up, short for Innovative Brilliant Optimistic Strategic Orangized Neotric, seems to be from the southern portion of India and has won the prestigious India Hackathon on several instances. Their signature augmented reality product, UniteAR has already won praises from throughout the country and is seen as the next major issue in the market and retail business in the southern sub-region reaches 

5. Jio Tesseract:-

Their aim is to democratise mixed reality by building meaningful AR/VR applications and affordable devices for our customers to experience the next wave of spatial computing.

They are a design-led agile organisation working under the mentorship of Reliance and Jio. We are creating the most significant mixed reality ecosystem in India that empowers consumers, enterprises and content creators.

6. AR Village :

AR Village is incorporated as AR Village Technologies Private Limited and also recognised as a startup by DPIIT (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade), governed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry under the startup India initiative. AR Village is filling the “Gap between imagination and Visualization”. They talk about the ed-tech industry itself then visualization plays an important role in grasping the knowledge for students.

They are bringing Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence-based applications to bring all the simulations in front of them. Their product starts from a voice control app that can render any 3d models in a fraction of seconds. Later on, they will build a platform where developers around the world can upload their 3d models and their platform will provide an API that can integrate anywhere and using it you can view models in augmented reality or virtual reality.

7. Ajna Labs :


Their aim is to provide solutions to businesses in all industries using our computer vision capabilities. They capture things that can’t be processed with human eyes through our “third-eye”, the computer vision technology.

Their aim is to build robust video analytics solutions for large scale businesses to automate their process. they believe to automate the world with AI using computer vision and taking Industry 4.0 to the next level.

8. Yeppar

Augmented Reality industries in India

Yeppar is a B2B enterprise that uses augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality technology to operational decision-making with customers. It is a trendy AR start-up company established in India that provides AR services all over the world. They offer a wide range of services from traditional media to the automotive sector. Their training system such as Industry 4.0 is an innovative way for professionals in the automotive and manufacturing industries to train and reach their labour force. They cater to a variety of industries including Restaurants, Academia, Automobiles, Real estate, and many others. Their outstanding work is gradually establishing them as a popular option amongst India’s rising stars.

9. HashMedia

Augmented Reality industries in India

Hash media is a prominent business among these famous start-ups which has developed an augmented reality app known as “Virtual Mirror”. Hash Media has always been making history in business productions, public service clients, and international corporations starting with a seed sown in 2010.

This software uses your mobile camera or a webcam of computer or laptop to enable the customer to enjoy any clothing or showcase an item without having to physically put them on. This is due to our ongoing desire to keep on top of the standard trends and technologies.

10. GMETRI Studios

Augmented Reality industries in India

GMETRI studios private limited is a private company that was established on Feb 8, 2017. It is a private organisation that is registered with the Registrar of companies in Bangalore. It has a paid-up capital of Rs 1 lakh and authorised share capital of Rs 1 lakh. It is involved in other computer-related operations (such as maintaining other business websites or creating tutorial videos for other companies and so on It recently conducts Annual General Meeting (AGM) on September 15, 2019, and it is most recent balance statement was issued on March 31, 2019, according to Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) statistics. 

GMETRI Studios has a background in architecture and software development. They produce high quality augmented reality applications for a variety of businesses and services that are available on the internet and most gadgets.

11. Scapic

Augmented Reality industries in India

In today’s commerce, the places in a variety of settings include home, on the go, and in-store. This implies that seeing is convincing when it comes to purchasing. Our {Product experience management)PMX package includes everything your company needs to dazzle customers, increase sales and open up new markets like augmented reality.

Scapes is an Indian firm that specialises in creating highly immersive augmented reality and virtual reality entertainment. It allows people to create, exchange and experience engaging content by allowing them to quickly generate ultra-reality content. It benefits can be reaped by industries and businesses across a variety of industries.

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Here, Augmented reality can flawlessly combine the details of our daily situation for the better. Numerous augmented reality companies in India such as iBoson innovations, imaginate, Lenskart, AR Village, scapic, Yeppar, HashMedia etc. We described the augmented reality industries with their specialization regarding the new trends and the topmost industries are explained with their company logos and how it is worked in the market and how it has been marketed and reached its position.

Every new type of technology that has been introduced to us has only one purpose to make our world easier and more convenient. Augmented reality also emerged in the food industries that showed a prominent growth rate when the unpredicted situation arise. It is because the requirement has no end and the serving never holds.

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