Top 10 Best Productivity Apps for Students


Hey guys! Welcome back to Yognut! When it comes to studying or working on projects, students tend to lose track of time. They engage themselves in those apps which have a major role in wasting time. These best productivity Apps for students apps are open for mere two minutes but they engulf us forever. Students struggle to get themselves out of it and whenever they do, notification always pops up to distract them and start it all over again.

Staying focused is the hardest work to do as a student. The concentration of every student can be easily broken in this digital world but thankfully we are also provided with amazing apps that help us keep the focus on the work that needs to be accomplished. 

We worry about “maybe someone has texted me”, “maybe my Gmail inbox is filled with mails”, “ maybe someone has posted a wonderful picture”, “someone might have tagged me”, etc. One thing leads to another and we get stuck in a loop. Within no time we waste completely one whole day without accomplishing the important work. 

Below are the best applications that keep track of your progress. They also help you in eliminating disturbing apps and keep you focused on the work. As a student, you need the best note-taking apps which are mentioned below.  

These are Top 10 Best Productivity Apps for Students:-

Best Productivity Apps for Students

1. Clickup:


Clickup does not only help you in setting goals but also tracks every goal you mentioned. It is very helpful in improving students’ and working people’s productivity in their work. You can add personal goals as well as work goals. 

It divides goal folders, adds due dates, and shows a scorecard of your progress.

When you set a goal, you can break them into targets and trace them easily. Then you can simply track the tasks you have accomplished. 

Not only just targets but you can place your goals in goal folders. You can arrange your goals accordingly in every folder. These folders can be kept private and can be shared, solely by your consent. 

 ClickUp provides weekly scorecards which help you in tracking your targets on a weekly basis. 

This app will surely help you in finishing your targets every day and the real work will be done every week.

2. Strides:

Strides are user-friendly. You can mention all the good habits that you want to implement daily in this app. The best of strides is that it suggests a few goals too. So, you can look it up. You need to set the goals and track them on a daily or weekly basis. All your activities can be synced to other devices. This helps you in accessing your progress on all the devices.

It is one of the best apps for listing the goals and helps everyone in productivity. In my opinion, this app is best for employees. 

It is also available for iOS.


This is another Best Productivity Apps for Students that helps you in setting up the habits that you want to cultivate. is famous for its user interface. 

You need to choose a goal and track the progress. You will gain rewards for every task completed. comes with a great feature i.e., networking you to other people. You can look at their achievements and get inspired. Not only just looking at their work, but you can also ask them questions.  

This app provides updates of software at $15 to hire a personal coach too.

Apps that will keep you away from distractions

4. Dewo:


This app uses machine learning and eliminates the notifications which can distract you. It actually observes your activity to learn about your working process. It helps you in getting to a good state while working and later activates a DO NOT DISTURB mode across your device. All the devices which are in sync get into this mode and the notifications get eliminated.

It analyses your schedule and rearranges those works which are not very important so that you can work efficiently. 

5. Freedom:

Freedom blocks all those apps or internet platforms that can majorly distract you. It resists you from opening those apps which takes a lot of your time. 

It also allows you to select those apps which you want to keep. But it stops you when you decide to open any irrelevant app.

This keeps you away from interruptions for eight hours straight. If you want to shut yourself down from all the diversions then you can activate Freedom’s Locked Mode which when once activated can not be changed throughout the whole session.

This app works on both phones and laptops.

6. FocusMe:


Focusme helps in creating a very productive schedule that is convenient for you. It keeps you away from the sites which work best in distracting you. This app can block those sites for a certain period or forever. 

When it comes to kids, parents can have complete control over their kids’ work. They can limit the use of technology in their kids’ hands.

Focusme consists of features where it reminds you about breaks and motivates you for all the tasks you have set. It also comes with forced mode which completely resists you from touching any distracting apps.

Apps that will help you in time management

7. Clockify: 

Clockify helps in improving the time management of students as well as employees. It tracks the time you spend on the apps and gives you a complete analysis of how you can change your routine in a productive way. 

You can keep an eye on your work hours and have access to what work you have to spend more time on. You’ll be provided with both modes; timer mode and manual mode. 

Timer mode allows you to set the timer and start working whereas in manual mode you enter the time you have given to certain work and create a sheet.

It is available in browsers, phones, and iOS. 

8. Toggl tack:

Toggl tack comes with a simple user interface. Scheduling and allocating time to each work is very important. 

It allows you to track all your daily chores and it reports you on your work and projects. This app is available as a browser app, on phones, and laptops. It is one of the most used tracking apps available on the internet.

Apps that can be helpful in taking notes

9. Microsoft OneNote:


This is a commonly used application that is available in windows, android, iOS, and Mac. Digital notebooks are very trending and useful these days and this application helps in many aspects. You can create a different notebook for each subject and note down the notes. This application allows highlighting, recording voice notes, handwritten notes, and doodling. It is perfect for students and employees too.

10. Evernote


This application is also available in all mediums, android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and various browsers. It is one of the flexible note-taking applications. It comes with a wide range of features that are best for students. The most important feature of Evernote is that it allows users to copy notes from images. It helps in making goal lists, scanning hard documents, saving articles, and saving PDFs. When you use it on the phone, you can search and create notes directly using assistants. This is the most recommended application for every student.


All the above-mentioned Best Productivity Apps for Students are very famous and powerful in their field of work. Don’t waste any more time and download an app for listing your goals, helping you stay focused on those targets, helping you in managing your time, and taking the best notes which can make you refer to them at any time.  

I hope this article helps you in finding that app that suits you well and increases your productivity. All the best!