Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets in India


Nothing is more precious in this world than the life we live. It’s important to take care of it in all walks of life. We see the rising number of road accidents around as the statistics say that the major contributors are the two-wheeler rushing on the roads. Noticing that the government has made it compulsory for both the rider and the pillion rider to wear a helmet. The importance of it can be vast. Here we bring to you the list of top 10 best motorcycle helmets in India that can safeguard you as well as make you look stylish on the roads.

Importance of Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets play a very important role while riding a motorcycle. It’s primary role is to protect the motorcycle rider’s head during a impact. So, it’s very important to choose a best helmet. The helmet safe the rider life by taking the force of the impact which cause serious injuries.

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Types of motorcycle helmet

There are basically 4 types of motorcycle helmets:-

  1. Full faced helmet
  2. Modular helmet
  3. Off-road helmet
  4. Half helmet
  5. Open Face helmet
  6. Dual Sport helmet

The list of Top 10 best motorcycle helmets in India :-

1. Steelbird Helmet SBA-1

Both stylish and sturdy, then Steelbird SBA-1 is ideal for anyone who prefers to be safe and stylish. Even with the smallest amount of maintenance, it offers its services for an extended time, because of the robust ABS materials with which the outer shell is created.

Steelbird has equipped it with the AUX technology to enable its helmet more convenient. This technology enables the riders to attach their mobile with a cable. Thus, even while riding, you’ll be able to take calls or hear music with this headgear.

Moreover, due to this technology, the headpiece doesn’t require an electric battery to supply its services. So, you’ll hear music or take calls as long as the charge in the battery of your mobile lasts.

2. Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet

Considered by many to be the best helmet in India under 2,000 rupees, this headgear is regarded to be quite lightweight. Therefore, with this protective headpiece, you’d not feel any discomfort while riding.

Along with this, this helmet also comes with superb ventilation, which can help to stop your head from getting sweaty. Sweaty heads are the main reason why the majority are reluctant to wear a helmet.

This is not for a racer, but for casual and daily use. The helmet is taken into account the most effective also because Vega has equipped it with a well-cushioned inner lining which can protect your head by soaking the impact. Known for being anti-allergic, this section can help to stop skin irritations and allergies.


Studds Ninja Elite full-face helmet comes in black colour and in a very large size that’s 580 MM. This lightweight helmet weighs only 481 Grams and fabricated from sturdy material to make sure you are safe under any catastrophic event. it’s scratch-resistant and offers a fast buckle. 

For aesthetic enhancement,  high-quality UV resistant Polyurethane paints are used, making it not only safe but also stylish to wear. The inner framework of the helmet is regulated with dense EPS concussion padding lined with the specially treated anti-allergic velveteen for extra comfort while riding. 

For clarity of vision, the Studds Ninja Elite helmet has been given a Polycarbonate visor coated with hard silicon for scratch resistance properties and the helmet has spare visors which are clear, smoke tint, mirror, and rainbow. The helmet also comes with an ISI certificate for the great ventilation to breath easy that the planning offers. The brand features a strong global presence in more than 35 countries with happy and safe customers.

4. Shiro SH-600

The new Shiro helmet is sold within the market by Vega India and aimed toward those that are trying to find an honest helmet, on a budget. At the initial glance, the helmet looks attractive, with its bold colours and graphics. As far as visibility is concerned, it’s quite hard to miss the Shiro.

The Rubber seal between the visor and helmet could be a blessing as no rainwater enters the helmet and hits your face, which may be a boon while riding in India’s torrential rains.

It is DOT and ECE/ONU approved. This helmet is economically best and one pro option that has washable liners, anti-allergic coating and impressive double visor. you’ll get an equivalent in KTM Orange and Matte Grey shade options for an equivalent price.

 5. Kranos Viper Premium 

Designer helmets are an excellent choice to express your feelings for riding and Kranos Viper is one great option with DOT certification. it’s wrapped in multiple colors and flaunts a true Viper on its outer body, that too with sharp teeth everywhere the edges. It is often the simplest choice for you if you’re a racer or a college-going student, who likes to flaunt this beauty ahead of your friends. It provides full safety with the head all covered and face completely intact and an ideal fit. And specially doodled helmets are in trend these days!

6. LS2 FF-352 AIRFLOW 

The LS2 helmets are known its excellent quality for the protection and security of the riders. This brand famous for its amazing quality work and performance is a bit expensive but is amazing at its job providing its consumers with a high level of protection and comfort with the helmet. The helmet possesses high strength and sturdiness . made from composite HPTT (High-pressure Thermoplastic Technology Resin) with double protection for the riders, and resistant to the shock of the accident. It offers a high-quality interior with padding of laser-cut foam for an ideal superior fit. The liner inside the helmet is moisture-wicking, anti-odour, and anti-bacterial for the convenience of the rider. The within liners are removable, washable and are quick to dry with the soft fabric.

7. SMK MA200 

The SMK MA200 is one of the most effective helmets that prioritize comfort first. It can make you feel quite comfortable with a highly-efficient ventilating system, which offers excellent breathability and its inner lining which can make you feel quite comfortable offering a soft and cushioned feeling to your head. Hence its the best helmet to choose as it makes sure even while you’re taking a long ride, the headgear won’t make you feel sweaty or suffocated.

The inner lining of the helmet is made in such a way that it can be to be removable. So, while washing it, you’ll be able to remove it and put it back inside once you’ve completed your job.

The outer shell of the helmet is both durable and glossy because it has been moulded with a high-quality thermoplastic material. This headgear also will add a quite little bit of charm to your look aside from safeguarding your life.


The sturdy and powerful material of the helmet will keep its user safe and alive in an unfortunate event. the merchandise is out there in one size and colour i.e. medium and while respectively. Approved by ISI for its outer shield and safety standards the helmet has made it to the list of best in India. It offers an ideal snug-fit, a compact design and is extremely lightweight. The helmet has been given elliptical design, combined with attractiveness and elegance. The smoke visor of the Active Fast helmet is scratch resistance and guarantees a good and clear view of the road. Impenetrable design of the helmet offers a secure and convenient ride to the user, and therefore the design & snug fit of the helmet ensures that the helmet doesn’t fall off the top during a disastrous event.


The Kingsway Armex has gained huge success on a worldwide platform through its experience, creative and innovative ideas. They understand the worth of life, and to offer the ultimate protection to its consumers. Its goal is to supply high-quality, comfortable and protective helmets.

The helmet offers both high-quality likewise high-comfort level in his Air Huber series. Kingway is best with the lightweight and unique design that it offers which reduces the noise of the wind catering to less distraction. These new features weren’t available in old models of Kingsway Armex. The helmet weighs around 1.4 Kg and also the optimum circulation system the helmet offers keeps on recycling the air inside the helmet and keeps supplying them with fresh air.

10. Vega Verve Helmet

Considered as one among the best helmet brands in India, besides its gorgeous looks, it also comes with a sturdy structure, which helps it to last for a long period of time. Despite its robust construction, the headgear weighs only 1.24 kg as a result of its design. Therefore, though you wear it while going on an extended ride, you’ll not feel uncomfortable in the slightest degree. Thanks to its excellent design, the chin lock of the headgear are additionally quite easy to utilize and operate.

As it is an open-face helmet, you’ll be able to adjust the front flip as per your requirements. Therefore, if you wish, you’ll be able to enjoy tea or coffee and snacks without taking it off. This open-face design also helps to enhance the general ventilation of the headgear. The visor section of the protective headgear has been made with high-quality glass material. As a result, alongside offering excellent visibility, it also can withstand almost any quiet scratches and damages.

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As it’s necessary for our safety to wear a helmet, it is a valid point that the helmet should meet our demands of aesthetic feel, comfort, lightweight and so on. With the list of best helmets in India, we have made sure that all the factors are taken into account and filtered out the best of best for you. Make sure you get the right helmet for you before it’s too late! Wear a helmet- save lives.