Bihar Flood 2019: Please Pray and Help


Hello Readers! Welcome to Yognut. Bihar Flood 2019, After Kerala, Maharastra, and Odisha Flood, now It’s happening in Bihar, they’re suffering from a natural disaster. Whenever, these types of disasters happening over other states, People from other states, Celebrities, Media, They all come in front to help them as much as possible. Media flashing this news all over India and across the world. But, In this crisis of Bihar, It’s taking lightly and not giving much attention as another disaster happens over other states. But, Biharis are proving now that they are self depended, can fight and helping each other to get rid out of this.

Bihar flood

Bihar Flood Update

Due to heavy torrential rain over three days in Bihar starts since Friday, 27th September 2019, Many peoples have lost their lives and disrupted normal daily routine of various part of Bihar. Heavy rain in several parts of Bihar affected Rail traffic, Road, Offices, Colleges, Schools, and healthcare facilities. Lots of water entered houses, govt offices, Police Station and hospital due to which many people suffered and facing a lot of problems.

In Patna, Some of the most affected places are Boring Road, Kankarbagh, Rajendra Nagar, Hanuman Nagar, Malahi Pakdi and most part of the Kankarbagh. Kankarbagh is not a small colony. Kankarbagh is one of the largest colony of Asia. There is huge population in Kankarbagh, which is affected by this crisis. You can watch this video or see pictures below, which shows the situation of Patna.

Flood has a history in Bihar

Bihar is one of the most flood-prone states in India. Every year it’s get affected due to heavy rainfalls and flood from the water, which is released from dams.

There are several floods seen in Bihar between 1987 to 2019. Some of the most affected floods:

  • 1987: During this period, Most parts of Bihar was not well protected by dams. Sever peoples get killed and many of them lost their homes. About 29 million peoples affected in 30 districts, 382 blocks, 6,112 panchayats, and 24,518 villages.
  • 2004: During this period, the Water level in Adhwara, Budhi, Bagmati, Gandak, Kamla Balan, Kosi, Mahananda and Ganga rivers were flowing above the danger level and the water spreads throughout the cities which are located at the bank side of the river.
  • In 2019, During the returning of Monsoon, heavy torrential rain over three days in Bihar since 27th September 2019.

Before the flood, it was drought.

Due to bad water management system, One side of Bihar was affected by drought, while the other side gets affected by the flood. It’s the duty of our leaders to manage the drainage system, water management system, To protect affected districts so that this disaster never happens again.

Bihar is still rain-deficient.

Due to heavy deforestation, the weather gets changed and rain is not getting at time and low rainfall.

Due to bad water management system, Whatever there is raining all the rainwater gets logged everywhere on the road. Through Drainage, Most of the rainwater wasted and goes into the Oceans through the rivers. Due to these reasons, Many districts of Bihar affected by drought.

With the help of the state government, This problem can be solved by building a better water management system.

🙏 Help BIHAR 🙏

Flood in Bihar has impacted many lives across the state. To get gid from this disaster, peoples are helping each other and our state government proving food packets with the help of Helicopter in most areas.

Bihar flood

People from other states of our country and other state government can help people of Bihar o stands in this disaster by contributing or donating reliefs (Cloths, Money, Food, Medicines).

You can contribute to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund Bihar via the link given below.

Please help and stand with us to share this post to more and more people and get attention for our media and politician, leaders, and celebrities.

Author: Sandeep Kumar & Nitin Tiwary.